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Get Triple LED Surge Protection in Time for Hurricane Season

The facility where Garden Light LED makes all of its Triple LED surge protection lighting equipment is based out of Tampa, Florida. It’s August in Florida and we can do the math.

Here come the storms!

Hurricane season is here for us, but it’s also here for a lot of the country. Unfortunately, Harvey, and Maria showed us that they could compete with Irma last year and give her a run for her money. Let’s also not forget Sandy and all the damage she brought with her years ago, all the way up the Eastern Seaboard. Storms are getting worse and more plentiful all around the country, and as LED lighting professionals, we have to be prepared for electrical power surges that are becoming even more common during this trying time of the year when hurricanes approach.

As professional lighting designers, our clients expect us to create and install outdoor lighting systems that are tough enough to last through any storm. With this in mind, Garden Light LED has developed and built professional grade LED transformers that are built to last, while embracing a triple surge protection methodology that keeps your led lights protected outdoors through harsh storms and power surges.

Garden Light LED’s Triple Surge Protection

Led luminaires can be particularly sensitive to power line surges. That’s why Garden Light LED has come out with a new transformer that adds yet another layer of protection to our LED luminaires; the XP2. Adding these high quality led lighting transformers into the mix in your lighting design projects, provides a better way to protect your lighting installations using triple threat protection to keep your clients happy for years to come and every lighting system safe.

Our Three Part System for Protecting your Outdoor Lighting Systems

One: At Garden Light LED, our lighting luminaires themselves come with an integrated surge protection device that’s built into each driver. The surge protector in the driver creates one layer of surge protection. The fact that we build a surge protector into the driver on each of our fixtures creates that first layer of protection against any remnants of the surge that are not dissipated in the actual transformer. They are then distributed among all the drives for the installed luminaires.

Two: For extra security we offer a second layer of protection when adding the use of a Garden Light LED protection kit. This additional surge protector can be attached to the output (secondary) of the Landscape Lighting Transformer.

Garden Light LED created the LED Protection Kit to fit easily inside the transformer and absorb excess voltage from spikes and surges therefore protecting all the lights on the transformer. The LED protection Kit can even protect against powerful spikes and surges and the best thing is, it’s easy to install. Simply connect any lead to any common, and connect the other lead to the 15V tap.

Three: Our new transformer (XP2) adds yet a third layer of protection to the primary side of the landscape transformer. When a surge occurs, the energy present in the actual surge event is dissipated first by the primary side protection (XP2). The transformer is designed to short circuit when exposed to a surge event that exceeds their capacities..

led lighting transformer protectionHow Does the Triple Protected System Work?

When a surge occurs in a triple protected system, the energy present in the actual surge event is dissipated first by the primary side protection (XP2), then by the secondary side LED protection kit, and finally, any remnants of the surge that are not dissipated in the actual transformer are then distributed among all the drivers for the installed luminaires.

Of course all things have limitations. Unfortunately, even a triple layer protection installation cannot withstand a direct lightning strike. There’s no boxing with God on that one. But for the bulk of the surges that an installation may experience, a triple layer protection system will typically protect the luminaires from damage.

Both the XP2 transformer and the LED protection kit are designed to short circuit when exposed to a surge event that exceeds their capacities. These are installer serviceable components and will create opportunities for service calls for their replacement. These are the sacrificial components in the system used to protect the luminaires from voltage surges. Something has to give but you can be right there to replace these parts when it happens, thusly readying the system for the next episode.

We can’t avoid storms or power surges but we can protect the work we do for our clients. Using the triple protection system that Garden Light LED offers will make for much happier clients which means a lot more business through word of mouth, referrals and more

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