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Spike and Surge Protection, New A81LED Diffuser Protection Kit

The most vulnerable component in a LED light is the Driver which consists of an electronic circuit. The life of electronic components are affected by the electricity supplied. Electrical spikes shorten the life of LED lights. Much like a LED/LCD Television, we suggest using Garden Light’s new LED Protection Kit. Our engineering team created this led lighting surge protection product especially for the extreme conditions present in outdoor low voltage lighting design applications.

Protect Every LED Light on a Transformer, for Less Than the Cost of One Light

Lightning is not the only cause of electrical lighting system fixture damage. Moderate electrical spikes and power surges can be caused whenever HVAC equipment and other high-demand appliances switch on. Moderate electrical spikes and surges can create issues with your landscape lights, and these power surges often happen repeatedly throughout the days and weeks. Unfortunately, electrical spikes and surges shorten the lifespan of both halogen and LED landscape lights. That is why Garden Light LED created the LED Protection Kit. It fits easily inside the transformer and absorbs excess voltage from spikes and surges, protecting all the lights on the transformer. The LED Protection Kit can even protect against powerful spikes and surges!

Plus, the led protection kit for your outdoor lighting transformer is easy to install; simply connect one lead to a common, then connect the other to a 15V tap.

LED Protection Kit for Transformers

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