Better Lawns and Gardens interview with Michelle Mueller

Better Lawns and Gardens – Hour 2 Michelle Mueller Outdoor Lighting For Gardens August 5th 2023

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Florida’s most popular garden expert, Teresa Watkins answers your gardening questions on Better Lawns and Gardens. Listen every Saturdays from 7am – 9am EST on WFLA- Orlando and on Audioboom podcast 24/7.

Better Lawns and Gardens Hour 2 – Coming to you from Summit Responsible Solutions Studios, This week, garden expert Teresa Watkins’s world revolves around sunflowers, her favorite sunflowers. What do you do for your 50th anniversary? Plant 1.2 million sunflowers, of course! Dirty Word of the Day is cypsela. Michelle Mueller, co-founder of Garden Light LED, in Tampa, Florida, highlights the benefits and insights of adding lighting to your landscape and garden. Teresa answers questions on Dipladenias and Blue Daze in hanging basket, growing tomatoes, Everglades tomatoes. how to get rid of sedge, spongy St. Augustine grass, and more.  https://bit.ly3c1f5x7

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