Led luminaires can be sensitive to power line surges. As such, Garden Light LED has come out with a new and improved transformer that includes a factory installed primary side surge protection unit (First Level of Protection). Included with each New LED Transformer is a LED Protection Kit, which is field installed (Second Level of Protection). As a Third Level of protection, all Garden Light LED Luminaries come equipped with an integrated surge protection device that is built into each driver. Both XP2 transformer and the LED Protection Kit are designed to short circuit when exposed to a surge event that exceeds their capacities.

These transformers will also work with Halogen systems and will protect the halogen bulb from failing prematurely.

For this reason, beginning April 1st, 2016 the traditional (halogen transformers will be discontinued) and our new and improved LED Transformers will be available for purchase.

Please contact your LED Sales Consultant for more information and pricing.