Color Branding Light Fixtures

Color Branding LED Lighting Output Designs

Garden Light LED, a trusted LED lighting source, can be used to further your company’s branding goals and create a timeless beauty that belongs. We take pride in performance, efficiency, and color-output and in knowing how these translate to the consumer. Ask your representative about the various LED color options available today. Utilize our decades of experience and marketing sensibility and allow us to demonstrate how we can create a shared vision in LED lighting design with you and your clients.

We specialize in commercial lighting fixtures and color brand development for businesses looking to set themselves apart from the competition with color-specific LED setups. Color branding with LED lighting helps convey a strong message about your business, leaving a lasting impression with your customers, helping it become a memorable location, solidifying your reputation as a successful and exciting company.

Garden Light LED color luminaries are built with diodes that emit spectacular color. Each LED is custom designed to emit specific color, creating an excitement and a lasting impression.

Low Voltage Color LED Light Branding Designs

Color Branding light designs for businesses is what creates a truly unique experience and adds to the recognition of your company brand to customers for repeat business, appeal, and word of mouth referral mentions. To learn more about the value and advantages of using color branding with low voltage lighting systems at your business, contact us for more information and case studies today.


Colors have played a large part in the history of marketing. Just as the sky is always blue, the color green universally represents a commitment to the preservation of the environment. Color is a state of mind. Lighting with color creates an emotional response every time. WHY COLOR?

Many businesses and organizations today will focus on creating signature colors for branding as part of their goal to become instantly recognized. LED lighting in your company’s branded colors will attract consumers and create a lasting impression in their minds. Your company’s colors are part of its sense of style and innovation. Striking LED lighting is a starting point for businesses to draw consumers in; it creates a platform on which your business can tell its story.

Color branding shows your company’s personality, vision, and style. Using LED lighting to create an alluring and appealing climate will help your company establish a non-verbal communication to your customers that is persuasive and enticing and becomes a prominent basis of your singular trademark.

An aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching environment induces a feeling of pleasure; this type of pleasurable experience becomes imprinted in people’s minds and produces a certain nostalgia people retain. In addition, it can transform something seen by the eye to an elevated and more spiritual encounter for the brain.

Custom Color LED Lighting Products