LED Transformers


15 Volt Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting Transformers

Garden Light LED’s line of Designed for LED landscape lighting transformers are optimized for the low voltage 12 volt lower power demands of LED outdoor landscape lighting systems. That means even more energy savings and low operational costs!

Triple Surge Protection Transformers

Led luminaires can be sensitive to power line surges. As such, Garden Light LED has come out with a new transformer that adds another layer of protection to their LED luminaires. All Garden Light LED luminaires to come with an integrated surge protection device built into each driver. This surge protector in the driver creates one layer of surge protection. The second layer of protection is available using a Garden Light LED protection kit. This is another surge protector that can be attached to the output (secondary) of the Landscape Lighting Transformer. The new transformer (XP2) adds a third layer of protection to the primary side of the landscape transformer.

When a surge occurs in a triple surge protected outdoor lighting systems, the energy present in the actual surge event is dissipated first by the primary side protection (XP2), then by the secondary side LED protection kit, and finally any remnants of the surge that are not dissipated in the actual transformer are then distributed amongst all the drivers for the installed luminaires. Of course, all things have limitations. A triple layer protection installation cannot withstand a direct lightning strike but for the bulk of the surges that an installation may see, a triple layer protection system will typically protect the luminaires from damage. Both the XP2 transformer and the LED protection kit are designed to short circuit when exposed to a surge event that exceeds their capacities. These are installer serviceable components and will create opportunities for service calls for their replacement. These are the sacrificial components in the system used to protect the luminaires from voltage surges.


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