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Driveway Lighting Ideas

Driveway Lighting Design Ideas for Your Home and Business

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Learn How to Create a Safer and More Welcoming Driveway Entrance Driveway entrance lighting is a very important aspect when looking to create a safe and welcoming entrance that you and your guests will enjoy every night at your home or business. Sometimes, builders and lighting designers may also make the mistake by over-lighting a driveway entrance by installing to many light fixtures. This driveway lighting design mistake, is often a result that occurs by simply focusing on lighting the entry drive-up areas way to brightly from the wrong angles or from overhead fixtures that can become blinding or create glares to the drivers as they pull up, creating a negative effect on the welcoming ambience that most residents, guests and lighting business owners desire. As a rule of thumb, when you’re looking for the best ideas to create a welcoming driveway lighting design that’s truly safe and alluring to drive into every night, ensure your driveway lighting project ideas include the use of low profile lighting fixtures that can handle being driven over by heavy vehicles while being durable and attractive enough to avoid unwanted maintenance costs or covers that may restrict light output. By creating a plan to…

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6061 Stainless Aluminum: The Best Choice For Coastal Lighting Environments

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Imagine you’re designing an elegant oceanfront outdoor space. You find the perfect LED light fixture, one that goes along beautifully with your modern contemporary design and enhances the coastal lighting environment. It’s the subtle but notable touch that brings everything together. Your outdoor lighting project is perfection. Fast forward to six months later and the client is upset because the lighting fixture has corrosion. Ouch!  Not only is the physical look of the fixture unappealing, but now the electronic components are compromised. When approaching an outdoor lighting project – especially one that involves coastal lighting environments near waterways – it’s important to carefully consider the lighting fixture material. While being in close or direct proximity to the rivers and ocean, wind speeds, land and water temperature differences and many other factors can greatly vary with the amount of airborne salt spray that a coastal home or business property is exposed to daily. With these many outdoor factors and changing wet weather conditions having an impact on a coastal property and its outdoor landscapes, it’s no secret that coastal locations present challenges for professional services companies that install outdoor lighting products. But, why is salt exposure such an important factor to…

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Lighting the Path to Outdoor Seating at Night with Micro LED Lights

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If you are looking for outdoor furnishings that offer an exceptional design with stylish features that are sustainable and sturdy enough for commercial use, look no further than the Tandem bench contour seats from ANOVA. With alluring design highlights found in the Tandem collection, and four different creative laser cut patterns to choose from, the unique outdoor bench style seating designs evolved from the imaginative viewpoint of landscape architects. These exceptionally planned bench designs from certified Landscape Architects ensured that their outdoor furnishings would attractively blend into any landscape area where elegant outdoor seating and led path lights were desired, whether it was intended for a residential or commercial outdoor landscape lighting application. Improve Your Ambience Nightly with Functional Outdoor Landscapes When you’re planning to add bench seats outside for your guests and visitors to use through the day and into the night, it’s always important to consider the functionality, beauty, safety and reliability, which is exactly what ANOVA has done. The ANOVA line of contour Tandem bench seats are extremely practical for many types of applications indoors or outdoors while offering the superior seating functionality that embraces an enhanced design style with features that are sure to suit any…

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lighting control dimmers

Controlling Outdoor LED Light Fixtures with Crestron Dimmers and Lutron Control Systems

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Today’s technology is smart. We have smart phones and smart homes. Siri guides us through traffic jams, tells us where the “best pizza near me,” is, and answers most of our questions. But what about outdoor LED lighting? How do we control that and why should we want to? Controls and Dimming for Outdoor LED Lighting This is the future of lighting. When you have complete control of your lighting, it not only allows you to regulate the lighting from room to room, area to area, it helps to save energy. Having only one setting, on or off, means no ability to set a mood, change colors, or simply tone down or brighten up an area at will. Dimmable lighting saves money by allowing you to choose how much energy you want to consume. Besides, it’s way cool. We often take lighting for granted. Being in the Business of Lighting brings an opportunity to create happiness, peace of mind, safety and security. It enhances our clients life experiences every single day. Can you imagine not having adequate lighting for home or work environments? As lighting designers, we bring more than pretty lights to a home or business. We bring a…

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Mandalay Beach Resort Lights the Way with Garden Light LED Fixtures

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Mandalay Beach Resort uses Garden Light LED Visionary Series and Micro Max fixtures to help fulfill their lighting designs Lighting the Way at Mandalay A luxury condo at Mandalay Beach Club in Clearwater Beach, FL is one of the most sought-after properties in the area. Located directly on the beach, this stunning development sits right next to the Pier and is only 100 yards away from the new Clearwater Beach walk. During the resort's outdoor landscape lighting design process, Garden Light LED was quickly inspired by the Mandalay’s scenery and beautiful sunsets when they selected the Amber color temperature output for the majority of fixtures being installed. One key factor that GLLED needed to keep in consideration was to keep the lights from hitting the current resident’s windows or sliding doors. To avoid this issue, Garden Light LED went with a 12 degree and 25 degree optic lens to control the light output precisely. Outdoor Resort Landscape Lighting Designers As for the fixtures for this project, GLLED went with a VA wattage of 5.4 and 10.5 using V2 directional Visionary Series Spotlight Fixtures. Due to the location of this resort being situated directly on the gulf cost beaches, selecting Garden...
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Outdoor LED Lighting Application Contest Winner – April 2018

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Power Design Engineering utilized Garden Light LED Visionary Series lighting fixtures to help fulfill their Corporate Campus’ site-wide improvement plan The Power Design Engineering company who serves customers nationwide provided an amazing electrical lighting design project for it's client as a first phase for a corporate campus' site-wide improvement plan where the lighting fixtures were a key element to it's success and beauty. For this extremely important facet of the phase one electrical engineering lighting design plan, the new Royal Palms needed to be highlighted to become a highly visible nighttime focal point for many locations across the properties to elaborate the beauty and ambiance while improving security and appeal. There are three key areas around the Lake with groupings of Royal Palm Tree's which were a prime focus for this clients new design: along the West side lake path; the Plaza and the North parking island adjacent to the new boardwalk that were elegantly delivered to provide a perfect outdoor landscape lighting solution. Outdoor Lighting Installation Technique V3-75-6-AB for the up-lights and V3-75-2-AB-3000K for the down-lights Jeff Brown The V3 spot light luminaires are mounted to electrical boxes on a tree strap, oriented at 90 degrees to each other....
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How to Start Your Own LED Lighting Business with a Small Investment

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Until the industrial revolution, the American worker was an independent business owner. The farmer, farmed, the cobbler fixed shoes, the butcher, “butchered” and the baker, baked. They all had a specific job and relied on their ingenuity, business savvy, and talents to earn a living. Then… everyone, or almost everyone, went to work for “The Man.” Even farms became corporations, and most goods and services came from big factories and big businesses. Small businesses were no longer the meat and potatoes of our country. But now, technology is changing the game. Factories and farms are being run with computers and robots. Business like Walmart and McDonalds are eliminating cashiers in favor of self-checkouts. And… the small, independent business owner is starting to resurface. LED Lighting Business Opportunities If you’re considering starting a business, you should consider the LED Lighting industry for your business ventures. Maybe you have done some landscape lighting for your own home or a friend’s business; or you are intrigued by outdoor lighting designs and could see yourself getting into the field. Maybe you’re the type of person that prefers to work outside and not be chained to a desk job. The good news is, the opportunity…

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Color Branding Light Fixtures

How the Use of Color in LED Lighting Improves the Quality of People’s Lives

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LED Lighting Designers should learn as much as they can about the psychology of color. Choosing the right colors when lighting a home or business is more than just choosing pretty hues. Color can affect the way a person feels and, when used correctly, can enhance the quality of the lives of the people who spend time in the environment being lit. Proper lighting, and wisely chosen colors can possibly even increase life expectancy. Unless a person is color blind, humans are deeply affected by colors in one way or another. Have you ever seen one of those videos where a color-blind man gets a set of those new glasses that allow color blind people to see colors for the first time? It’s very moving to see how emotional an experience that is. Color appeals greatly to our senses. Certain colors create their own unique effects and will stimulate areas of the brain in ways which will promote either excitement or tranquility. This is important to consider when lighting areas of a person’s home. In the same instance, if you light someone’s livelihood investment, a high-energy business atmosphere is a must. Every light has a different color hue and light…

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outdoor landscape lighting

Lighting the Landscaping: Why Lighting Design Companies Should Partner with Landscape Designers

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Curb appeal: What does that mean? Realtors will tell you it’s the most important factor when selling a home. Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes especially when women are making the decisions, and aren’t women usually making the house buying decisions? But they may never bother to see the bathrooms and kitchens of a home that seriously lacks curb appeal. The first thing a person sees when they drive up to a home is the landscaping. If the lawn is drab and there are no trees, bushes, foliage, or flower beds, the house will seem lackluster. Driveways with lovely pavers and appealing architecture that faces the drive can give the impression that the home is welcoming you and the landscaping is the icing on that cake. So, why should people that design landscaping partner with LED lighting designers? Because… nighttime happens. When someone purchases a home, they spend a great deal of money. A home is likely to be one of the biggest purchases of a person’s lifetime, most likely THE biggest. They have pride of ownership and want to pull into the driveway and feel like a millionaire, whether they are one or not. Whether a home is a 3-bedroom…

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Why LED Lighting Designers Should Work with Manufacturer Reps

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To own a successful LED lighting design business, you can’t just sit around waiting for potential clients to call you on the phone. You need to have several ways to bring business to the table. One great way to generate new leads is to get friendly with a few manufacturer representatives. Why would independent manufacturer reps need LED lighting designers and installers? Independent manufacturer reps have clients that are looking for you and will be seeking your expertise. They generally represent more than one company and can carry lots of products and lines. They want to sell those products. Without you, they have no business. They don’t sell directly to the consumer, that’s your job. Manufacturer reps have been around for decades. They can be a valuable extended sales force for your businesses and you don’t have to pay their salary and commission. The manufacturers take care of that. Companies that manufacture LED light fixtures and equipment need the reps to sell their products and the reps need you to attract the clients who will be the end user of those products. You are the value innovation they need to sell, design, and install lighting systems. When creating relationships with…

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