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LED Lighting for a Luxury Beachfront Resort

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At Garden Light LED, we are tasked to light all kinds of properties, from privately owned mansions to hotels and restaurants. One of our more recent and most interesting lighting designs was a local condo resort and we had a blast making it happen. Mandalay Beach Club in Clearwater Beach, FL, a luxury condo resort, is one of the most sought-after properties on the strip. Located directly on the beach, facing the Gulf of Mexico, this stunning development sits right next to the famous Pier 60, where there is a nightly happening equal to Mallory Square in Key West, and only 100 yards away from the new Clearwater Beach walk. The Mandalay is in a high-profile space and needed to be lit perfectly to show off it’s elegance to the thousand of tourists who pass by it daily and nightly. Garden Light LED was quickly inspired by the Mandalay’s scenery and beautiful sunsets during the resort’s outdoor landscape design process. We started by selecting the amber color temperature output for the majority of the fixtures being installed. The amber tones complimented the color scheme of the building and created a warmth that reflected the natural light on this stretch of…

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residential lighting designers

Outdoor Lighting Designers Transform Architectural Home Landscapes

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Outdoor Architectural Lighting Design Project Objective: To effectively light up the home’s landscape and architecture at this residence in Evansville. This design project needed to deliver a lighting system solution that could achieve both soffit and up-lighting around the home exterior. Evansville Indiana Architectural Landscape Lighting Project Designers After the lighting consultation with VIVID’s client, VIVID landscape & Lighting discussed lighting solutions for the homeowners recent remodeled home to accent and showcase all of the best architectural features their beautiful home has at night. The location of this project is on the East side of Evansville and is on a high traffic street with a lot of dark areas around each property. VIVID’s immediate thought was to illuminate the unlit areas around the home where darkness is secluded by tree coverage. With this lighting design, VIVID wanted to take it a step further and go above and beyond with their project by highlighting all of the soffit line around the whole front side of the home. Outdoor landscape lighting is something VIVID has noticed the need for in the Evansville area. To accent the soffit line properly, Vivid used S1 Halos by Garden Light LED on a swivel to cast…

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led transformer lighting triple surge protection kits

Get Triple LED Surge Protection in Time for Hurricane Season

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The facility where Garden Light LED makes all of its Triple LED surge protection lighting equipment is based out of Tampa, Florida. It’s August in Florida and we can do the math. Here come the storms! Hurricane season is here for us, but it’s also here for a lot of the country. Unfortunately, Harvey, and Maria showed us that they could compete with Irma last year and give her a run for her money. Let’s also not forget Sandy and all the damage she brought with her years ago, all the way up the Eastern Seaboard. Storms are getting worse and more plentiful all around the country, and as LED lighting professionals, we have to be prepared for electrical power surges that are becoming even more common during this trying time of the year when hurricanes approach. As professional lighting designers, our clients expect us to create and install outdoor lighting systems that are tough enough to last through any storm. With this in mind, Garden Light LED has developed and built professional grade LED transformers that are built to last, while embracing a triple surge protection methodology that keeps your led lights protected outdoors through harsh storms and power…

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veteran civillian work business opportunity

LED Lighting Designer – an excellent career choice for exiting military, veterans, first responders or early retirees

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So, you’ve put in time as a soldier serving our country, whether that’s through a dedication of service in the military or air forces, or working as a first responder, firefighter, police officer or teacher. You have a strong work ethic, a pension and time on your hands. At Garden Light LED, we value your dedication greatly! NOW WHAT? You’ve been in the thick of things. You’re use to handling crisis situations, difficult tasks, difficult people. You’re waaaaay to young and smart to sit in the park and feed the birds, or work for pennies with customers that don’t appreciate what you do. You want to work, but doing what? You need something to stay active as a civilian that’s exciting, while making you a lot of money! Plus allowing you to give back to your community and support other veterans looking for work. Continue feeding your passions and always make a difference in peoples lives, by simply starting your own local outdoor lighting business. Why should you consider getting into the lucrative LED Lighting Business? “But what do I know about LED lighting?” your probably asking yourself. Here’s some surprising facts about the LED lighting design and installation business….

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luxury home lighting designs

Houston Luxury Lighting Designs with Garden Light LED Fixtures

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INNOVATIVE. PRECISE. SUSTAINABLE Submersible 3, Large Wall Washers, and Visionary Series Spotlight fixtures help fulfill architectural landscape lighting for this residential home lighting design in Houston. Houston Luxury Home Lighting Project Description In this lighting design project, Houston Luxury Lighting installed a variety of Garden Light LED fixtures for the front and back of the residence which included: S3, V2, Large Wall Washers and S1 Halo led lights. These fixtures were applied in the perfect areas throughout the front of the residence such as the driveway, garage, and along the front entry way. Houston Luxury Lighting used up-lighting techniques to highlight the strong, architectural features along the residence and their work has left the homeowners extremely happy with their new home lighting design. While designing the backyard space for the residence, Houston Luxury Lighting planned to use several types of led lighting fixtures such as the V2 directional spotlights, V3 Down lights, and the S3 Submersible Super Saturn series around the home’s property. These led lighting fixtures were again installed appropriately along the side of the yard, the upper and lower terrace, and lastly, the side of the residence soffit to provide appropriate lighting all around the homes architecture. LED…

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landscape company contract client lights

3 Reasons Landscape Professionals Should Learn LED Lighting Design and Installation

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Whether you’re a solopreneur landscaper or you have a crew of 30 people, the landscaping business is hard work. It can pay well though, especially when you grow enough to have lots of clients that need your landscape crews to design and maintain their properties. For most landscape companies, the main source of revenue for the business involves the regular maintenance of mowing or trimming, and shaping the lawns, bushes, gardens, trees and landscapes to consistently improve the property for residential and commercial clients. But, if you want to expand and grow the revenue for your business into something that adds beauty to all your hard work as a landscaper, one that can provide great profits through the year, you should consider learning to design and install LED outdoor lighting systems into each of those residential and commercial landscape designs. Here are three revenue boosting reasons why LED lighting can be a great fit for landscapers:     1) You know the landscaping of the home better than anyone Let’s face it, you are the expert when it comes to what landscaping maintenance will work best on a property. You may be the one that installed the bushes, trees, flowers, and…

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severe weather protection

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures That Work in All Weather Conditions

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“Joe! The outdoor lighting fixtures in the front of the house and out by the pool deck stopped working after the big storm. I’m very unhappy. We’re having a pool party this weekend. I need you to fix this mess.” “Well, it was a category two hurricane, Mrs. Jones.” “I don’t care, fix it!” There is nothing worse than having a client call you to complain that the lighting system you put in is failing during bad weather conditions. It’s doubly unpleasant when you’re out there in the rain or in 100-degree weather replacing fixtures that quit working. Hurricane season is upon us. Your lighting installs and beautiful lighting designs are going to need to survive fierce summer storms and intense heat. If you want to please your customers, you should consider offering them lighting fixtures that can stand the test of weather as well as time. We know that it seems cost effective to use less expensive fixtures, but wouldn’t it be better to offer fixtures that will work consistently in the harshest of weather conditions, and therefore be more cost effective? And even better if the lights can also last your customer up to 20-years. Everyone looks at…

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led spotlights garden

Top 3 Benefits of LED Garden Spotlights Which You Should Know

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There are a lot of people in this world who love their garden and landscapes. In fact, people love to spend their time in the garden admiring the trees, bushes and flowers. If you want to make your garden look even more beautiful then you must try LED spotlights. If you think your garden looks good now, then there’s no doubt that your garden will look extremely beautiful when you add spotlights and appealing outdoor lighting around your home. Your plants really look dazzling and magical when decorated with spotlights, that’s for sure. Another benefit of adding spotlights to your garden is that they can improve your house security in a great way while improving your view from both inside and outside the garden areas. When we speak about garden spotlights, it is the led spotlights that are more popular due to their vivid light output, longevity and reliability.  Have a look below to understand the reasons for their popularity.         Aesthetic Appeal: Placing these led spotlights on trees and shrubs makes them amazingly great during night. Spotlights can also enhance the look of the surrounding water fountains and statues in your garden or lawn.         Improved Security: If you want to…

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Driveway Lighting Ideas

Driveway Lighting Design Ideas for Your Home and Business

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Learn How to Create a Safer and More Welcoming Driveway Entrance Driveway entrance lighting is a very important aspect when looking to create a safe and welcoming entrance that you and your guests will enjoy every night at your home or business. Sometimes, builders and lighting designers may also make the mistake by over-lighting a driveway entrance by installing to many light fixtures. This driveway lighting design mistake, is often a result that occurs by simply focusing on lighting the entry drive-up areas way to brightly from the wrong angles or from overhead fixtures that can become blinding or create glares to the drivers as they pull up, creating a negative effect on the welcoming ambience that most residents, guests and lighting business owners desire. As a rule of thumb, when you’re looking for the best ideas to create a welcoming driveway lighting design that’s truly safe and alluring to drive into every night, ensure your driveway lighting project ideas include the use of low profile lighting fixtures that can handle being driven over by heavy vehicles while being durable and attractive enough to avoid unwanted maintenance costs or covers that may restrict light output. By creating a plan to…

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6061 Stainless Aluminum: The Best Choice For Coastal Lighting Environments

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Imagine you’re designing an elegant oceanfront outdoor space. You find the perfect LED light fixture, one that goes along beautifully with your modern contemporary design and enhances the coastal lighting environment. It’s the subtle but notable touch that brings everything together. Your outdoor lighting project is perfection. Fast forward to six months later and the client is upset because the lighting fixture has corrosion. Ouch!  Not only is the physical look of the fixture unappealing, but now the electronic components are compromised. When approaching an outdoor lighting project – especially one that involves coastal lighting environments near waterways – it’s important to carefully consider the lighting fixture material. While being in close or direct proximity to the rivers and ocean, wind speeds, land and water temperature differences and many other factors can greatly vary with the amount of airborne salt spray that a coastal home or business property is exposed to daily. With these many outdoor factors and changing wet weather conditions having an impact on a coastal property and its outdoor landscapes, it’s no secret that coastal locations present challenges for professional services companies that install outdoor lighting products. But, why is salt exposure such an important factor to…

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