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How to Start Your Own LED Lighting Business with a Small Investment

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Until the industrial revolution, the American worker was an independent business owner. The farmer, farmed, the cobbler fixed shoes, the butcher, “butchered” and the baker, baked. They all had a specific job and relied on their ingenuity, business savvy, and talents to earn a living. Then… everyone, or almost everyone, went to work for “The Man.” Even farms became corporations, and most goods and services came from big factories and big businesses. Small businesses were no longer the meat and potatoes of our country. But now, technology is changing the game. Factories and farms are being run with computers and robots. Business like Walmart and McDonalds are eliminating cashiers in favor of self-checkouts. And… the small, independent business owner is starting to resurface. If you’re considering starting a business, you should consider the LED Lighting industry for your business ventures. Maybe you have done some landscape lighting for your own home or a friend’s business; or you are intrigued by outdoor lighting designs and could see yourself getting into the field. Maybe you’re the type of person that prefers to work outside and not be chained to a desk job. The good news is, the lighting business is expanding rapidly,…

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How the Use of Color in LED Lighting Improves the Quality of People’s Lives

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LED Lighting Designers should learn as much as they can about the psychology of color. Choosing the right colors when lighting a home or business is more than just choosing pretty hues. Color can affect the way a person feels and, when used correctly, can enhance the quality of the lives of the people who spend time in the environment being lit. Proper lighting, and wisely chosen colors can possibly even increase life expectancy. Unless a person is color blind, humans are deeply affected by colors in one way or another. Have you ever seen one of those videos where a color-blind man gets a set of those new glasses that allow color blind people to see colors for the first time? It’s very moving to see how emotional an experience that is. Color appeals greatly to our senses. Certain colors create their own unique effects and will stimulate areas of the brain in ways which will promote either excitement or tranquility. This is important to consider when lighting areas of a person’s home. In the same instance, if you light someone’s livelihood investment, a high-energy business atmosphere is a must. Every light has a different color hue and light…

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Lighting the Landscaping: Why Lighting Design Companies Should Partner with Landscape Designers

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Curb appeal: What does that mean? Realtors will tell you it’s the most important factor when selling a home. Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes especially when women are making the decisions, and aren’t women usually making the house buying decisions? But they may never bother to see the bathrooms and kitchens of a home that seriously lacks curb appeal. The first thing a person sees when they drive up to a home is the landscaping. If the lawn is drab and there are no trees, bushes, foliage, or flower beds, the house will seem lackluster. Driveways with lovely pavers and appealing architecture that faces the drive can give the impression that the home is welcoming you and the landscaping is the icing on that cake. So, why should people that design landscaping partner with LED lighting designers? Because… nighttime happens. When someone purchases a home, they spend a great deal of money. A home is likely to be one of the biggest purchases of a person’s lifetime, most likely THE biggest. They have pride of ownership and want to pull into the driveway and feel like a millionaire, whether they are one or not. Whether a home is a 3-bedroom…

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Why LED Lighting Designers Should Work with Manufacturer Reps

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To own a successful LED lighting design business, you can’t just sit around waiting for potential clients to call you on the phone. You need to have several ways to bring business to the table. One great way to generate new leads is to get friendly with a few manufacturer representatives. Why would independent manufacturer reps need LED lighting designers and installers? Independent manufacturer reps have clients that are looking for you and will be seeking your expertise. They generally represent more than one company and can carry lots of products and lines. They want to sell those products. Without you, they have no business. They don’t sell directly to the consumer, that’s your job. Manufacturer reps have been around for decades. They can be a valuable extended sales force for your businesses and you don’t have to pay their salary and commission. The manufacturers take care of that. Companies that manufacture LED light fixtures and equipment need the reps to sell their products and the reps need you to attract the clients who will be the end user of those products. You are the value innovation they need to sell, design, and install lighting systems. When creating relationships with…

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Outdoor Lighting Designers Demo

Why Should LED Lighting Designers Do a Night-Time Lighting Demo?

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You’re a LED Lighting Designer and you get a call to meet some potential clients who either saw an advertisement, found you on a website, or were referred to you by another client. They’re interested in the best LED lighting for their lovely home, including their long driveway, their pool and deck, and their landscaping. SCORE! They called you so you’re in. The job is practically in the bag, right? All you need to do is send them some pictures of your work or tell them to look at your online portfolio on your website (you have a website, right?) Or better yet, give them the address of a couple of the homes you so expertly lit and tell them to do a nighttime drive-by and see the elegance and magnificence that is your work. Wrong! You may be the best Lighting Designer in your area, but chances are you are not the ONLY lighting designer in your area. LED Lighting Design is a growing field. It’s becoming more and more competitive and you may need to differentiate yourself from the guys that are offering cheaper, faster, better outdoor landscape lighting services. So how do you do that? By doing…

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LED Lighting Professionals: A New Group of American Entrepreneurs

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LED Lighting is, as an industry, a young field; and to be a successful LED Lighting Professional, you have to think of yourself as an American Entrepreneur. The technology is ever improving, and new and better outdoor lighting equipment is being made every day. So, why are you an American Entrepreneur and not just a person who designs lights? Some people start a business with the idea that they will be a solo flyer; just one person who runs the show, whatever the show may be. LED Lighting is one of those businesses where that can be possible but with that model, there is no room for growth. Perhaps a good analogy would be a guy who likes to fish who then buys a small fishing boat to charter out for fishing trips. That’s a nice little business, but unless you dream of bigger boats, in fact, fleets of boats, shipmates, employees, a website where people can log in and choose their boat, date, time and fishing desires, you’re just a guy with a boat. The Difference Between Making a Living and Making a Fortune: You can make a living as an LED lighting designer, especially if you take the…

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3 Reasons Why an LED Lighting Design Demo Will Make the Sale

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If you are a Lighting Design Professional and have a growing company that wants more and more business, doing an LED lighting design demo for potential clients is a must. Yes, we know that it means dragging equipment out in the evening when you’d rather be with the family, watching TV, or doing something more fun but trust us. “You can thrive as a LED lighting designer, especially if you take the time and effort to become good at the lighting experience (demonstration). After gaining a customer, the one-of-a-kind lighting installations will establish raving fans. Make a fortune; but always have your customers happy to pay you. People want to buy, not be sold to. Here are our top three reasons why doing the Lighting Demo works. 1. Lighting is Visual: Wow Them with Your Design Work Yes, you’ve done plenty of lighting designs and installs in the area and you can show them images of your work and send them to the lovely photo gallery on your website. You can also send potential clients out to look at the work you’ve done for other clients. They may go see those other houses or businesses, but you put the onus…

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The Best Lighting Techniques for Your Landscape

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When most people think of a landscape, they picture shrubs, trees and flowers. Often-times, they forget about TWO of the most important elements – the LIGHTS and the ARCHITECTURE. The right design not only enhances the security, but brings-on a new level of ambiance. Decorative Lighting While the manicured lawn, trees and shrubs provides an alluring atmosphere during the day, without decorative lighting at night, the yard can become a dark black abyss. To prevent this from happening, adding lights such as the Visionary 3 LED Spotlight will highlight the design and give shape to the landscape. Pathway Lighting The most common type of lighting for a landscape is pathway lighting. It not only creates a functional and safe path for a walker; but also creates visual interest within the yard. When it comes to implementing this style, it is best to stagger the lights. This ensures that obstacles or turns in the path are well illuminated. You want the light to highlight the path – not make it the focal point of the landscape. A great style of light to achieve the perfect pathway lighting is the P12 Path Light. Spotlight Grazing Showcasing a texture of a wall, plant,…

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An Introduction to the Importance of LED Binning Ranges

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  Binning is an important aspect of any LED lighting. The range of the light can affect its quality and performance. Here is a brief introduction to the binning ranges you should be aware of when purchasing your LED landscape lights. What is Binning? During the manufacture of LED lights, a round wafer is coated with materials designed to create a semiconductor, which is then sliced into small rectangles. Wire bonds are inserted, and phosphor is added as a coating. The entire product is then encapsulated, forming a white light LED. However, this coating process creates variations in the color, light output, and voltage of individual LEDs. These finished LEDs are then sorted into groupings called bins, based on the varying quality of color temperature, light output (lumens), and voltage. The two of these that impact the quality of the LEDs the most are color and lumens. The lights are individually measured for these two criteria and sorted into pre-set ranges (bins). Most suppliers also have their own standard bins which are associated with clear expectations of performance in those ranges. Each bin has its own criteria and standards, and any LEDs which do not meet the criteria are not…

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How the Milling Process of LED Lights Improves Quality

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  The manufacturing process that produces great LED landscape lights is called the CNC milling process. It is used by the finest manufacturers in the United States, including Garden Light LED. But what is CNC milling? Why does it matter? Let’s break it down. CNC Milling for LED Light Production Explained: CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC milling is used to manufacture a wide variety of objects we all use in our everyday lives, including cars, machine components, cell phones, and children’s toys. The machines used for this process are either horizontal or vertical, which refers to the orientation of the cutting tool. Before, CNC milling machines were manually or mechanically operated. However, with the invention of CNC, computers can automate the process from a central control. It reads information and stores it in a numerical format. These are read as programming codes, which are then used to control and operate a machine. This machine uses a cutting tool to remove excess material and form the object desired (such as an LED light). The cutting is started from either a solid block, pre-machined part, casting, or forging. There are various types of machining tools that can be used in…

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