Outdoor Lighting Production Process Creating the Luminaries

Garden Light’s LED fixtures are crafted professional; they are solidly machined and made of high-quality material. Designed to provide top performance, each Garden Light LED fixture is handcrafted and put through a rigorous, multistep, sequential testing process that allows us to view real-time performance data in a progressive light.

Every Garden Light LED fixture is the result of our uncompromising commitment to superior quality craftsmanship. Our hardline design approach integrates a focus on the smallest details and the most innovative technologies. All hardware, including screws, washers, and fasteners, used in Garden Light LED fixtures are made of stainless steel. Our glass lenses are ground to precision, not scored or cut to ensure a precise fitment to every shroud, creating a completely leak free seal.

Built with remarkable technology and intricate mechanisms, Garden Light LED optics to have a very high lighting efficiency, with very little light loss. We use total internal reflection (TIR), which yields a very clean output, with none of the “hot spots” or sharp edges given off by reflector type lenses.

Our integrated control systems are designed to provide top performance in every aspect. Garden Light LED’s superior line of fixtures produces the greatest quality of light, light output, and consistency and utilizes the most efficient thermal-management operating system and design.