Garden Light LED is a leading manufacturer of green LED luminaries, producing fixtures that; are thoughtfully designed to absorb the lowest amount of energy possible, are individually hand-crafted, and are capable of being installer-serviced in the field. The result is exceptional quality products our installers can stake their reputation on.

As a preferred outdoor led lighting supplier, our organization is committed to growing the business and market areas of our qualified lighting designers, certified installers and dealers nationwide with a full suite of comprehensive training materials that provide all aspects of Garden Light LED lighting products, installations, applications, marketing and so much more.

Our Focus is on You, the Customer!

 Our lighting design customers are the focus of our lighting business. We align all business objectives with the impact on our customers in mind. We build long-term customer relationships through our commitment to understanding our customer’s needs, concerns, and aspirations to deliver superior performance. We are responsive, straightforward and committed in all dealings with customers.

Garden Light LED not only designs and manufactures a great line of outdoor LED lighting products; we provide an unmatched level of support to help our dealers grow their lighting businesses. No matter if you’ve installed thousands of outdoor lights or you’re just beginning your landscape lighting business, we can assist you in the following areas to help your business thrive. Either via telephone or in person, we offer hands-on customized training for our loyal customers.

Certified Lighting Dealer Benefits:
• Access to innovative fixture technology
• An integrated online ordering system
• Sales and team leadership workshops
• Outdoor landscape lighting training
• Specialized access to our engineers, warranty
representatives and sales team partners
• On-going recommendations and newsletters
to stay ahead of the curve
• Robust complimentary marketing Services
• Special projects bundle pricing
• Discount rates on demonstration cases
• Lighting dealer certification awards

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Better quality outdoor landscape lighting products intended for professional use only.

Garden Light LED is dedicated to a strong national dealership distribution strategy. We are committed to growing the businesses and market areas of our qualified outdoor landscape lighting design dealers.

We offer on-site and on the job lighting design application training as well as virtual training to
accommodate dealers from all across the world.

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