LED Landscape Lighting

LED Landscape Lights – Why are They Ideal for Outdoor Lighting?

LED landscape lighting makes an excellent choice for the outdoors as they are durable and unlike other types of lights since they have a much longer shelf life and use less energy. With several benefits to explore when it comes to using LED lights around landscapes, we can even look to many leading government organizations using LED lights for updating and improving their local landscape lighting designs.

As these LED lights become more ideal for lighting up neighborhoods and towns efficiently, they are also easy to maintain, reducing operational costs to keep these city landscapes looking great and the residents safe through the dark nights outside.

Keep in mind, there are several types of LED landscape lighting techniques that you can select by choosing different LED fixture types that each come in a variety of unique light output options. For many landscape designers, outdoor led lighting choices depend on their preferences and requirements for that specific lighting design application or project.

Here are  few top reasons why LED Landscape Lighting is great for the outdoors at night:

LED Landscape Lighting Detection Controls

LED lighting design systems are compatible and often have a control sensor attached to them which detects light and controls the brightness. These sensors can turn on the landscape lights in accordance to the intensity of the natural light around them as the night fades dark. Therefore, the strength of the LED landscape lighting can increase as dusk sets in and become fully lighted as the night falls.

With high quality LED landscape lighting products and system controls, the light will automatically run till the daybreak and will switch itself off when no longer needed as the night turns to day. This light detection system makes controlling the night lighting using LED fixtures easy and no one must remain near the lighting system to switch them on and off. When using LED lighting controls such as Lutron and Crestron, you can always be confident the power usage efficiency for operating your Garden Light LED landscape lighting system is optimized.

LED Lighting Designs Offer Flexibility to Landscapes

With a proper LED landscape lighting design, you can buy, install and connect one lighting area at a time to extend the row of landscape lights. Therefore, if you want to set a mood for a particular area of your home or business to be enjoyed at night, you can easily do that with the proper landscape lighting design plan and sufficient low voltage LED transformers.

As with any outdoor lighting design, many residents and business owners will start with a certain section to focus their nighttime lighting designs on, and then add to their property to improve the beauty and safety of their outdoor spaces at night.

LED Lights are Perfect for Hard to Reach Outdoor Spaces

There are some places outdoors which are hard to reach and may be rarely used during some celebrations at night, much less during the days. However, these hard to reach outdoor landscapes often provide an amazing element to be enjoyed at night as a backdrop when properly lit, or often become a danger zone to guests if not properly lighted to see.

Since LED Landscape lights do not require maintenance and can operate for many long years even if they haven’t been switched on for many months, they are ideal for those hard to reach landscape areas, where a proper outdoor lighting design can go a long way. When it comes to LED lights, one advantage surrounding these hard to reach applications is that there is no short circuit issues due to water or bulb replacements needed, so you can install your led landscape lights once and know they will remain tension free.

Energy efficient LED Lighting is Ideal for Landscapes

An LED light can last up to almost 100,000 hours making it more powerful than any other types of landscape lighting products available in the market. According to the recent reports, these lights are 90-95 percent more energy efficient when compared to traditional lights in the market. These LED Landscape lights not only use less electric energy but last many more years longer too, saving you much more money and headaches in the long run to keep your outdoor landscapes looking great at night.

Eco friendly LED landscape Lights are Sustainable

Environmentally conscious LED lights are non-toxic and do not contain any harmful chemicals. While most of the incandescent bulbs emit a certain amount of harmful mercury in the environment, our LED light emitting diodes are friendly to the environment and even recyclable.

Therefore, LED landscape lighting fixtures are a great way to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet, ensuring that we as people, are always using and improving the best LED landscape lighting designs to ensure we adapt to greener energy resources which will ultimately play a key role in improving our planet’s well-being.

If you’re interested in discussing some information and thoughts further, or learning more about how LED landscape lighting products can improve your outdoor spaces and reduce your operational energy costs, please contact Garden Light LED to schedule some time to speak with one of our lighting design professionals today.