The Best Lighting Techniques for Your Landscape

When most people think of a landscape, they picture shrubs, trees, and flowers. Often-times, they forget about TWO of the most important elements – the LIGHTS and the ARCHITECTURE. The right design not only enhances the security but brings-on a new level of ambiance.



Decorative Lighting

While the manicured lawn, trees and shrubs provide an alluring atmosphere during the day, without decorative lighting at night, the yard can become a dark black abyss. To prevent this from happening, adding lights such as the Visionary 3 LED Spotlight will highlight the design and give shape to the landscape.



Pathway Lighting



Spotlight Grazing

Showcasing a texture of a wall, plant, or tree is one of the commonly missed opportunities when it comes to lighting. If you want to showcase a texture – whether this is a wall or a tree, then graze lighting is your best option. This form of a spotlight is installed close to the bottom of a straight surface with the light pointing vertically to showcase the texture.



Moonlighting Landscapes

Moonlighting prevails when looking to create a relaxing environment. Mastering the technique to install this type of light comes from MOUNTING fixtures in trees and allowing the light to cascade down on the patio. Since shadows from tree branches can be seen throughout the patio, it gives the illusion that the light source is coming from the moon.



Deck Lighting

In addition to having lights illuminate a path, it’s also important to provide adequate light sources on the deck. You want to ensure that the deck has lights on each stair, along with the railing, and overhead lights to make the space functional well into the night. When considering lights for the deck, it’s best to use D-II Deck Light with UL1015 22 AWG Tinned Copper Wire with a 60-inch length, the very thin and longer lead allow for better installation and the concealing of wires and they provide a higher level of safety.