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3 Reasons Landscape Professionals Should Learn LED Lighting Design and Installation

Whether you’re a solo landscaper or you have a crew of 30 people, the landscaping business is hard work. It can pay well though, especially when you grow enough to have lots of clients that need your landscape crews to design and maintain their properties. For most landscape companies, the main source of revenue for the business involves the regular maintenance of mowing or trimming, and shaping the lawns, bushes, gardens, trees, and landscapes to consistently improve the property for residential and commercial clients.

But, if you want to expand and grow the revenue for your business into something that adds beauty to all your hard work as a landscaper, one that can provide great profits through the year, you should consider learning to design and install LED outdoor lighting systems into each of those residential and commercial landscape designs.

Here are three revenue-boosting reasons why LED lighting can be a great fit for landscapers: 

   1) You know the landscaping of the home better than anyone

Let’s face it, you are the expert when it comes to what landscaping maintenance will work best on a property. You may be the one that installed the bushes, trees, flowers, and plants around the property. And even if you didn’t design the landscaping, you’re the one who maintains it and shapes it. Who better than you to design what lights will work best where with your client’s landscaping?

You know what plants are seasonal when the trees will start to lose their leaves, and even what parts of the property could be enhanced by adding outdoor lighting because you spend time on that property. Learning what fixtures will work best to light these parts around the home and garden is something you can learn and offer as an additional service to all your client projects quickly. Garden Light LED has a program to teach you all about our products also and they enjoy offering tips on how to best design and install landscape led lighting products.

   2) It’s a great way to add high-profits to your income

Who doesn’t want to make more money? You’ve installed the landscaping at a home or business or are tasked to do so soon. If you know lighting, you can offer to do the lighting design and install, along with the landscape design or hardscape maintenance. Make appointments with your existing clients to show them what the property would look like when lit with colorful and bright LED lighting that keeps your landscape work looking beautiful every night. A great selling point is safety. Show them how much safer the home and business will feel when the bushes and walkways are well lit.

Once you learn how to do a night time lighting demo, you can set up enough lights to make them fall in love with LED lighting in less than 30 minutes, as the lights will truly speak for themselves. Do the demo, and bring a contract. They’ll be ready to sign and hand over the deposit check when they see your landscaping lit up in a way they’ve never seen before. It’s a completely different stream of income for your business, yet one that fully compliments what you already do. Selling lighting to your existing landscape clients should be an easy sell. They already know, like, and trust you!

Adding outdoor lighting designs to your list of services is a natural fit. You can add the cost of lighting services to the cost of landscaping design and by having LED lighting designs in your toolbox, it will also enable you to go after bigger, better contracts. Hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, and most businesses need both landscaping and lighting so why not stand out from the landscaper crowd, and offer what the others don’t? Why not be the business that can offer them the whole package? You can save them time and money and create something that works with cohesion, creating happy clients to gain more business referrals simply by offering high-quality outdoor LED landscape lighting services too.

   3) It’s far less seasonal – People need lights year-round

If you are doing the week to week maintenance of properties all year long, do you lose clients and income in certain times of the year, particularly the winter months when nothing will grow and therefore needs very little upkeep?  Maybe you like having a few months off. If you make enough money in the high-seasons to skate during the low-seasons, making more money may not be a factor.

But, if you’re a person who gets itchy to be doing something that generates more revenue for the business this year and creates more available funds, why wait out the slow season? Keep your landscape crews busy during slow times and make more money by offering outdoor landscape lighting designs to new and existing clients.

If you’re ambitious and want to combat the slow times with something that can make you a lot of money, something that is a logical addition to what you already do and will help attract more accounts, learn LED lighting.


How do you get started with landscape lighting?

 As Home Depot used to say, “You can do it, we can help!” Unfortunately, when it comes to durable lighting, cheap outdoor lighting at the big box stores often creates more work for your crews than revenue or satisfied clients. After all, you want to ensure your landscape lighting enhances your hard work with quality fixture designs. You want to ensure the lighting installation keeps your customers happy, and most importantly you want to ensure the lights you install will truly add that desired beauty to all your well-maintained gardens and landscapes.

Welcome to Garden Light LED, an Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting manufacturer building the highest quality outdoor lighting products in the USA. Located in Tampa FL, Garden Light LED sells directly to landscape companies like yours all over the United States and delivers the products to your door quickly. Garden Light LED also offers mentoring programs for those landscapers that wish to grow their outdoor lighting services fast. In fact, there is even a well-lit path you can take to becoming one of their Master Dealers. As a Master Lighting Designer, you’ll learn how to do nighttime demos, work with professional installers who teach you how to wire up lighting installs, and create beautiful lighting designs that are sure to inspire.

What’s the catch? There is none. We know that once you work with Garden Light LED, you will want to use their quality controlled, and thoroughly tested, lighting products pretty much exclusively, because they build the best LED fixtures and outdoor lighting equipment made today. Their LED landscape lighting fixtures are also made in America and these well engineered light fixtures are built to last with a 20-year warranty to back up that claim. If you want to sell outdoor lights that are built to withstand the harshest of weather environments, choose Garden Light LED.

What do landscape companies love about Garden Light LED:  You can install them quickly and light your beautiful landscapes no matter what the weather brings and then be happy knowing they’re going to survive rain, sun, heat, and snow.

When you work with Garden Light LED and sell their fixtures for life, you get to offer superior products at competitive pricing and grow your revenue. Their lighting designer and installer partners work on very high profit margins, providing plenty of room to offer profitable landscape lighting services to your customers.

If you think outdoor landscape lighting services might be a good fit for you and your landscaping business model. Contact Garden Light LED. They’d love to tell you all about the process to start selling and installing lights!