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Controlling Outdoor LED Light Fixtures with Crestron Dimmers and Lutron Control Systems

Today’s technology is smart. We have smart phones and smart homes. Siri guides us through traffic jams, tells us where the “best pizza near me,” is, and answers most of our questions.

But what about outdoor LED lighting? How do we control that and why should we want to?

Controls and Dimming for Outdoor LED Lighting

This is the future of lighting. When you have complete control of your lighting, it not only allows you to regulate the lighting from room to room, area to area, it helps to save energy. Having only one setting, on or off, means no ability to set a mood, change colors, or simply tone down or brighten up an area at will. Dimmable lighting saves money by allowing you to choose how much energy you want to consume.

Besides, it’s way cool.

We often take lighting for granted. Being in the Business of Lighting brings an opportunity to create happiness, peace of mind, safety and security. It enhances our clients life experiences every single day. Can you imagine not having adequate lighting for home or work environments? As lighting designers, we bring more than pretty lights to a home or business. We bring a better quality of life to our customers.

Mankind harnessed electricity so we could have control of it. With the technology we have today, we can control the lighting both in the interior and on the exterior areas with simple lighting controls dimming system.

Why is light dimming so important?

We are all used to the concept of the age-old light switch. Flip the switch up, the lights go on. Flip the switch down, darkness. Light switches allow for two things, full on energy use or no energy use. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night, when the light is on, you’re using that fixture’s full energy capacity and getting it’s full lighting capabilities.
Or not!

Lights On or Off. It doesn’t get simpler than that. And that was what we had as the only option for a very long time when it came too controlling our lights.

Then came Lutron…

Lutron Lighting Controllersled-lighting-systems-colors

The company Lutron was started in 1959 by Joel S. Spira. In 1961, he invented a lighting dimmer based on a diode and a tapped auto-transformer, thus saving energy and allowing the dimmer to be installed in a standard electrical wall box. His dimmer is the control component of the power supply that allows lights to be dimmed and we still use it today.

Today Lutron is considered to be the best-known lighting control system manufacturer in the world. Lutron makes drivers that we use in our LED lighting designs so we can offer control of outdoor lighting with their dimmers and control systems. Their systems allow precise control of the lights in your home and now with your landscaping designs as well. These systems allow for endless choices of brightness and even color output. The keypad in your home allows you to control areas, single rooms or have global control of the whole house including the exterior of the home, the landscaping, yard, pool, walkways, anywhere there is compatible lighting. You can set External lighting controls with a keypad to come on at a given time or at sunset and set them to go off on a given time schedule. You can control the lights at your home or office with an iPad no matter where you are.

Now that’s cool!

Crestron – Lighting and Audio Controls

Crestron has long been a manufacturer of home automation lighting and audio equipment. They offer everything from lighting fixture compatibility controls to audiovisual systems and they’re perfect for Smart Homes. Third party devices are integrated by custom built modules written by the system programmer making it possible to integrate most electrical devices in the home.

Crestron lighting control has similar functionality to the Lutron systems with the additional advantage of a more total integration with the home entertainment systems as well as lighting, heating, and alarms. The homeowner has a range of interfaces from iPad to wall touch screens and remote controls as well to interact with all of the functionality of the home, indoors and out. These advanced lighting controls are perfect for adjusting the light output around your properties when using wall washer lights and directional spot lights to get the perfect lighting ambience exactly how you want it every night.

Both the Crestron and Lutron lighting control systems make life easier for the homeowner, while saving money and conserving energy.

Now that’s Smart!

Garden Light LED

Building great products that integrate with Lutron and Crestron controls
At Garden Light LED, we are constantly upping our game and building fixtures and products that meet the standards of the newest industry technology. We know that dimmable Outdoor LED landscape lighting controllers is a feature many people want in their LED lighting systems. We wanted to be able to offer this so we make our fixtures compatible with Lutron and Crestron drivers. All of our products are CNC manufactured right here at our plant in Florida. Made in the USA exclusively and built to last a lifetime.

CNC Machine Manufacturing:
CNC Machine manufacturing, also known as Computer numeric control (CNC) machining is a process that automates the operation of machine tools via precisely programmed computer commands that Garden Light LED uses to create high-quality solid lighting fixture designs. CNC machining became the industry standard in the late 60s and has remained a preferred machining method to this day by leading manufacturers. With CNC precision led light control machining, our Garden Light LED factory in the USA can produce numerous types of state of the art LED Lighting fixtures. With an ultimate dedication that ensures our high-tech LED light fixture designs along with unique advanced parts are always quality controlled for our customers from the start with an extremely high degree of accuracy and precision.

With new intricate and custom modern outdoor lighting designs always at the front of our focus for everyone at Garden Light LED, our quality control methods to manufacture the best outdoor lighting fixtures in the industry is always a top priority. By utilizing CNC turning and machine milling at our American factory for creating all new product lines, we’ve developed and integrated an excellent solution for creating solid crafted parts featuring complex shapes and high dimensional tolerances, while providing a cost-effective solution for short or large production runs using the finest materials that will always last our customers a lifetime.

If you are interested in discussing our product line and how our LED fixtures integrate with the Lutron and Crestron dimmers, please contact our outdoor lighting professionals.

Staying up with the latest technology means money in your pocket and we can help with that.