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Lighting the Landscaping: Why Lighting Design Companies Should Partner with Landscape Designers

Curb appeal:

What does that mean? Realtors will tell you it’s the most important factor when selling a home. Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes especially when women are making the decisions, and aren’t women usually making the house buying decisions? But they may never bother to see the bathrooms and kitchens of a home that seriously lacks curb appeal. The first thing a person sees when they drive up to a home is the landscaping. If the lawn is drab and there are no trees, bushes, foliage, or flower beds, the house will seem lackluster. Driveways with lovely pavers and appealing architecture that faces the drive can give the impression that the home is welcoming you and the landscaping is the icing on that cake.

So, why should people that design landscaping partner with LED lighting designers?

Because… nighttime happens.

When someone purchases a home, they spend a great deal of money. A home is likely to be one of the biggest purchases of a person’s lifetime, most likely THE biggest. They have pride of ownership and want to pull into the driveway and feel like a millionaire, whether they are one or not.

Whether a home is a 3-bedroom –2 Bath ranch or a 10, 000 square foot mansion, it’s their home and they want it to look it’s best. So, if they can afford it, they call in a landscape company and create a design that’s appealing and functional.

If the job is done well, the home will look great in the bright sunshine but what happens when the sun goes down? All that beautiful landscaping sits in darkness.

The smart landscape designer and the clever LED lighting designer know how to rectify this. They know the smart thing to do is work together. Working hand in hand on the design means getting it right from the start.

Things to consider when designing landscaping and LED lighting:

  • How to light the trees. Up lighting that will add color and drama to the beauty of the trees is a simple and effective choice. The trees are majestic, make them the showpiece of the property.
  • Adding lighting to the walkways and the flower beds that line them make it safer when approaching the house in the dark. Beauty and functionality are both achieved, and Grandma won’t trip and fall when she visits in the evening.
  • Bushes: Is safety a factor? How much safer will the family feel when they come home, and every nook and cranny is well-lit. Not only will this lighting enhance the beauty of the property but it’s a sure bet that no one is lurking in those brightly lit bushes waiting to attack someone coming home alone.

Co-creating this way is powerful. If you start to work together, you can work with the client as a team. Impress them with your knowledge of each other’s capabilities and create a plan that works for them and utilizes both of your skill sets.

Working with builders and contractors:

Once a landscaper and a lighting designer find they can work together, they can be a power team for builders who are in new construction or who do total redesigning of existing homes. These builders and contractors need both of you and knowing that you will create a cohesive, elegant design that enhances the property they’re designing makes their work easier. Make yourself valuable to them and they will continue to use you. And those types of projects can be very lucrative.

In general, collaboration is a good thing. Choosing the right companies to partner with will always increase your business. Seek out quality people, learn from them and work with them.

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