Garden Light LED Unveils the Stamp Series | One Small Fixture – 3 Big-Impact Beams

Original Article: Inside Lighting

Tampa, FL – Garden Light LED, a leading innovator in landscape lighting solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the Stamp Series, a compact line of specialty lights designed to elevate outdoor spaces with superior brilliance and versatility.

Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, the Stamp Series is a wonder with its efficient 2” by 2” size, making it the perfect choice for seamless integration into even the tightest spaces. Utilizing Garden Light LED’s micro light engine and advanced optics, these fixtures bend light output at a 90° angle, producing mesmerizing ground effects.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our Stamp Series, which represents a new chapter in landscape lighting,” said Michelle Mueller, Garden Light LED Strategy and Marketing V.P. “These fixtures embody our commitment to innovation, precision, and reliability, providing our customers with outstanding performance.”

The Stamp Series offers three distinct styles, each tailored to meet specific lighting needs:

  • Stamp WS: Ideal for wide-angle illumination, the Stamp WS produces a sharp 160° output on two contiguous sides, reminiscent of a cravat tie.

  • Stamp TS: Designed for both horizontal and vertical applications, the Stamp TS emits a focused 70° output on two opposing sides, akin to a bowtie.

  • Stamp FS: Delivering a uniform 70° output on all four sides, much like a crossover tie, the Stamp FS provides perfect illumination from every angle.


In addition to their innovative design, the Stamp fixtures are proudly built in the U.S.A. using CNC machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity. With an IP67 rating, these fixtures are built to withstand harsh environments and are capable of withstanding temporary water submersion without compromising performance.

The Stamp Series represents Garden Light LED’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of landscape lighting, offering professionals the tools they need to create extraordinary outdoor environments.