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3 Reasons Why an LED Lighting Design Demo Will Make the Sale

If you are a Lighting Design Professional and have a growing company that wants more and more business, doing an LED lighting design demo for potential clients is a must. Yes, we know that it means dragging equipment out in the evening when you’d rather be with the family, watching TV, or doing something more fun but trust us. “You can thrive as a LED lighting designer, especially if you take the time and effort to become good at the lighting experience (demonstration). After gaining a customer, the one-of-a-kind lighting installations will establish raving fans. Make a fortune; but always have your customers happy to pay you. People want to buy, not be sold to.

Here are our top three reasons why doing the Lighting Demo works.

1. Lighting is Visual: Wow Them with Your Design Work

Yes, you’ve done plenty of lighting designs and installs in the area and you can show them images of your work and send them to the lovely photo gallery on your website. You can also send potential clients out to look at the work you’ve done for other clients. They may go see those other houses or businesses, but you put the onus on them to do that. While they’re driving around, looking for properties you’ve lit, they will also be seeing lighting designs by your competition. Don’t give them ideas.

They may not want to be bothered having to drive around lurking about at other people’s homes or they may feel put out by your suggestion that they do so.

If, instead, you do an outdoor lighting demo at their home, you have their full and complete attention. And you’ve made it easy and convenient for them. That will work in your favor.

Make sure everyone in the family that has a part in the decision making is home to see your awesome demo. When they see their own home, lit with your beautiful design concepts, not only will they be ready to sign the deposit check, they won’t want you to take the lights away.

2. No Two Homes are the Same and No Lighting Designs Will be Either

Even if you send your new potential client to see a landscape lighting design job you did on a home that is nearly identical to theirs, it’s not theirs. Nor should it be. You don’t want them to think that you’re going to light their home pretty much the way you lit the Smith’s and the Jones’. Everyone wants to feel special. Show them the way that landscape lighting will highlight palm trees with high quality LED up-lights allowing their design to truly become custom to their landscapes. Make them see how safe it will feel for their loved ones to drive home and walk up their well lit pathways and walkways to their home. Imagine how their guests will feel arriving and now they can rest easy since there’s no way anyone is lurking behind that shrubbery at night, not with your custom lighting design illuminating their world like an elegant resort. The best way to make them see that is… to make them see that; on their property, by their pool, deck, or pond, with their trees and their architecture, lit up with your expertise. Make them know they will be getting something unique, not something everyone else has.

3. Lighting Demos Allow You and the Customers to Experiment

Lighting demo kits, like the ShowTime Closer from Garden Light LED, allow you to set up as many as 100 lights on a property in 15-minutes or less. It’s plug and play; easy peasy. Start where you think the lights would look best but don’t be afraid to try things out, move lights around, change colors.

Let the client’s play a little in your sandbox. Be prepared to listen to their ideas. Make them part of the process. The more fun they have with the demo, the more invested in the outcome they will be.

Lighting design companies that come to our Dealer Congress get our Starter Demo as part of attending the event.

If you’re interested in learning more about our outdoor landscape lighting demo kits, contact us to learn more.

The main thing is to be proactive. Don’t let your competitors win over a client because you didn’t go that extra mile to do the demo.

Like the good folks at Nike would say – Just Do It!