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Why Should LED Lighting Designers Do a Night-Time Lighting Demo?

You’re a LED Lighting Designer and you get a call to meet some potential clients who either saw an advertisement, found you on a website, or were referred to you by another client. They’re interested in the best LED lighting for their lovely home, including their long driveway, their pool and deck, and their landscaping.

SCORE! They called you so you’re in. The job is practically in the bag, right? All you need to do is send them some pictures of your work or tell them to look at your online portfolio on your website (you have a website, right?) Or better yet, give them the address of a couple of the homes you so expertly lit and tell them to do a nighttime drive-by and see the elegance and magnificence that is your work.

You may be the best Lighting Designer in your area, but chances are you are not the ONLY lighting designer in your area. LED Lighting Design is a growing field. It’s becoming more and more competitive and you may need to differentiate yourself from the guys that are offering cheaper, faster, better outdoor landscape lighting services.

So how do you do that?

By doing the Night-Time Lighting Demo right at the client’s home.

In today’s world, everything comes to us at the touch of a button. Yes, a person can get a pretty good idea of the kind of work you do from pictures, especially on the web. And, if they take the time to gather the family, get in the car and drive around looking for homes you lit, hoping the homeowners have the lights on, they can see the quality of your designs. But that’s not convenient for them and it’s off-putting.

Moreover, those pictures, those other houses, aren’t their homes. Those are not their trees, their walkways, and you can’t see the pool without trespassing or knocking on doors (that would be weird).

The best way to drive home a sale and walk away from a meeting with a possible client is to light THEIR home.

“But, it means I have to go out after work hours, miss my favorite TV show, schlep a bunch of equipment over to someone house, and set up lights.”

Yup! It has to be nighttime when it’s dark out.

The lighting demo is key. At Garden Light LED, we train our Preferred Partners on the art of the demo. We’ve created lighting demo kits that allow a designer to set up as many as 100 light fixtures for the demo in about 15 minutes. It’s plug and play, baby. Easy peasy.

The looks on the client’s faces when they see their home lit up in vivid colors they love is worth the effort. When they see the dark shadowy spaces where danger could lurk, lit for safety, their kids running around in their warmly lit backyard, their pool deck warm and inviting, they run for their checkbooks. More often than not, they will ask if you can just leave the lights behind when you go.

But you don’t.

Instead, you sit with them and work up a contract that fits their needs and budget, you discuss the details, then close the sale.

We have two great options for Lighting Demo Kits

    1. Our Start-up Demo Case offers 20 of Garden Light LED’s world-class light fixtures, and all the wiring and plugs you need to light an area of a home. It’s a good way to get started and we give one away to every company that joins us for our Dealer Congress, every February in sunny Tampa, Florida. Yup, you get one free for participating.
  1. Our SuperPro Demo kit offers 100 of our top of the line, American made, light fixtures and everything you need to set up an awesome display at someone’s home in around 15 minutes. You can move lights around, change colors, and give the potential clients a light show they will never forget.

If you want to stand out, close every deal, and wow potential clients, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and into the Lighting Demo world. It will increase your bottom line, no doubt about it.

For more info on Garden Light LED, contact us anytime.