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Outdoor Lighting Designers Transform Architectural Home Landscapes

Outdoor Architectural Lighting Design Project Objective: To effectively light up the home’s landscape and architecture at this residence in Evansville. This design project needed to deliver a lighting system solution that could achieve both soffit and up-lighting around the home exterior.

Evansville Indiana Architectural Landscape Lighting Project Designers

After the lighting consultation with VIVID’s client, VIVID landscape & Lighting discussed lighting solutions for the homeowners recent remodeled home to accent and showcase all of the best architectural features their beautiful home has at night. The location of this project is on the East side of Evansville and is on a high traffic street with a lot of dark areas around each property. VIVID’s immediate thought was to illuminate the unlit areas around the home where darkness is secluded by tree coverage. With this lighting design, VIVID wanted to take it a step further and go above and beyond with their project by highlighting all of the soffit line around the whole front side of the home.

Outdoor landscape lighting is something VIVID has noticed the need for in the Evansville area. To accent the soffit line properly, Vivid used S1 Halos by Garden Light LED on a swivel to cast a perfect stream of light up and across the soffits to the center peak of the home’s architecture. The lighting designers at VIVID were able to attach the fixtures to the soffit where it meets the gutter then angle it up towards the center of the peak. Next, VIVID wanted to accent the second story dormers to give a three-dimensional effect at night. This is accomplished by attaching S1 Halo LEDs to the roof on a swivel diagonally about 8-10 inches off the corner of the dormer siding.

home exterior lightingAs for the front foundation lighting, Super Saturn LED Lights were used on a stake with 25 degree beam angles to wash up the brick face between the windows so there is no glare shining into the home. Since the client preferred to have their front porch light off, the entrance is accompanied by S1 with 12 degree beams shining up the columns of the home and S1 Halos shining down the door frame on both sides.  This lighting installation allows the front porch entrance to be the main focal point.

In VIVID’s lighting design, they always light up the trees to show off the beauty and to really give a dramatic effect of the landscape. Three V2 spotlights were spaced accordingly around the base of the tree to fully illuminate the branches. To create additional lighting safety, P12 Pathway lights were evenly installed from the front door all the way down the driveway. This allows illumination along the driveway landscape all the way to the entrance. Lastly, VIVID aimed to tie in the garage as part of the house lighting design. To accomplish this VIVID placed S1 Halos shining down each brick face between the garage doors.

Architectural LED Soffit Lighting and Down Lighting Solutions


The main goal on the lighting solutions for this house in Indiana was to spread light evenly that showcases all the home’s best features. The trick is to not have too much light centered in one area which can create hot spots that may wash out the color of the home’s exterior. VIVID really made this exterior outdoor lighting design stand out, by using unique custom American made fixtures from their partners at Garden Light LED.

As a result, this 5 star professional landscape lighting company in Evansville Indiana really let their hard work and proper design planning pay off with great rewards. In fact, the homeowners are so pleased with the overall design achievements of their new lighting fixture installations around their residence exterior, they’ve already stated that their home looks so much better and amazing at night with Vivid’s professional lighting design services.

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To learn more about this architectural outdoor lighting project that’s received the award as our August lighting application winner, please view the Evansville lighting design case study to learn about their company and services.