LED Lighting for a Luxury Beachfront Resort

At Garden Light LED, we are tasked to light all kinds of properties, from privately owned mansions to hotels and restaurants. One of our more recent and most interesting lighting designs was a local condo resort and we had a blast making it happen.

Mandalay Beach Club in Clearwater Beach, FL, a luxury condo resort, is one of the most sought-after properties on the strip. Located directly on the beach, facing the Gulf of Mexico, this stunning development sits right next to the famous Pier 60, where there is a nightly happening equal to Mallory Square in Key West, and only 100 yards away from the new Clearwater Beach walk. The Mandalay is in a high-profile space and needed to be lit perfectly to show off it’s elegance to the thousand of tourists who pass by it daily and nightly.

Garden Light LED was quickly inspired by the Mandalay’s scenery and beautiful sunsets during the resort’s outdoor landscape design process. We started by selecting the amber color temperature output for the majority of the fixtures being installed. The amber tones complimented the color scheme of the building and created a warmth that reflected the natural light on this stretch of Gulf Coast beach.

One key factor that GLLED needed to keep in mind was the comfort of the residents. We needed  to keep the lights from hitting the resident’s windows or sliding doors so as not to cause unwanted nighttime light in their environments. To avoid this issue, Garden Light LED went with a 12 degree and 25-degree optic lens to control the light output precisely.

As for the fixtures for this project, GLLED went with a VA wattage of 5.4 and 10.5 using V2 directional Visionary Series Spotlight Fixtures.

Our V2 Visionary Landscape Up Directional Spot Lights

The V2 is our number one selling spot light setting the standard for high-quality, integrated LED landscape lighting and at a very competitive price point. We refer to it as the best LED Spot Light because it clearly surpasses everything in its price range for quality of light output, durability and longevity.

The V2 family is built with triple LED diodes, high definition optics, and a CNC-machined housing; all the same quality components that you would expect to find in any Garden Light LED product.

For the Mandalay and for many other projects, the bonus of the V2 is size. On high-end properties such as this, no one wants to see large, distracting landscape lighting luminaires. The V2 is only 2.3 inches in diameter making it unobtrusive and adding to the sleekness and elegance of the design.

With the Mandalay resort being situated directly on the Gulf Coast, selecting Garden Light LED’s solid brass finish was a no-brainer because of the corrosion free exterior; meaning, the fixture is able to withstand the exposure of the hot Floridian climate and the Gulf of Mexico’s salty sea air while sustaining full functionality throughout the years.

In order to create an outstanding outdoor landscape lighting design for the resort that complimented the architecture of the building while adding additional security for the homeowners, it was ideal to create a three-dimensional lighting effect.

In order to create a three-tiered lighting design effect, we chose the Owl Micro Max Series.

About the Owl Micro and Hardscape Lighting:

The Micro Owl LED is a specialty lighting solution. It’s small profile is the size of your thumb with a wide light output. Lighting up more hardscapes than other lights 10x its size, this specialty compact LED light mounts discreetly and can be hidden to effectively focus light across property hardscape exteriors including, walls, perimeters, bricks, pavers, patios, outdoor kitchens, firepits, fence line, entry walls, retaining borders, garages, stairs, steps, bars, seating areas, benches, and bushes.

Mounted at a height of 10 inches, the OWL will produce a strip of light that is approximately 6 feet wide. It functions well as a step light when overhanging steps are present. It can also function as a waterfall down light when mounted directly above the waterfall. The OWL is also available in our full range of True LED Color Light Output.

It’s quick and easy flexible installation application solutions allow you to install lighting around outdoor hardscape architecture designs and landscape property features with universal mounting options. As a small, LED low voltage light, it can fasten anywhere to adhere on walls, edges, under overhangs, ledges, stones, and even wood deck railings or trees while facing down, up or side to side.

With a wide narrow cast of light output focused evenly to each side in a variety of color light output options, this special micro owl LED lighting solution hides perfectly around a property to illuminate the hardscape designs elegantly. It remains out of site when installed on architectural hardscapes during the day, yet is still is able to take center stage lighting up large exterior walls at night in all outdoor weather climates. Like all Garden Light LED fixtures, it comes with a 20- year warranty even for places like the Mandalay where harsh weather conditions exist.

CNC machined from Solid Brass or Stainless Aluminum, our exclusive LED line leads the outdoor lighting industry with a state-of-the-art fully integrated light engine. Modular component design allows serviceability in the field and future technology upgrades to make this light what we call, “A Fixture for Life!”

So, the Mandalay Bay Resort wanted an outstanding lighting design that would compliments the architecture of the building and add additional security for the homeowners. Our design was applied throughout the pool area and clubhouse of the Mandalay; offering residents an attractive pathway throughout the facility, adding beauty to architecture and landscape all night.

A total of 202 LED lighting fixtures were installed to finish phase one of the Mandalay Beach Club resort lighting design project. As for additional accessories to help complete this project, a series of drum connectors (corrosion free), were a necessary choice to use during the installation. All in all, a fantastic project we were thrilled to work on.

The results – an outstanding lighting design that made the Mandalay resort a stand-out property on one of the most renowned, award winning beaches in the country.

If you would like to know more about our full line of lighting fixtures and equipment, contact us to discuss.