Mandalay Beach Resort Lights the Way with Garden Light LED Fixtures

Lighting the Way at Mandalay

resort all weather spotlight brassA luxury condo at Mandalay Beach Club in Clearwater Beach, FL is one of the most sought-after properties in the area. Located directly on the beach, this stunning development sits right next to the Pier and is only 100 yards away from the new Clearwater Beach walk.

During the resort’s outdoor landscape lighting design process, Garden Light LED was quickly inspired by the Mandalay’s scenery and beautiful sunsets when they selected the Amber color temperature output for the majority of fixtures being installed.

One key factor that GLLED needed to keep in consideration was to keep the lights from hitting the current resident’s windows or sliding doors. To avoid this issue, Garden Light LED went with a 12 degree and 25 degree optic lens to control the light output precisely.

Outdoor Resort Landscape Lighting Designers

As for the fixtures for this project, GLLED went with a VA wattage of 5.4 and 10.5 using V2 directional Visionary Series Spotlight Fixtures.

Due to the location of this resort being situated directly on the gulf coast beaches, selecting Garden Light LED’s solid brass finish was a no-brainer because of the corrosion free exterior; meaning, the fixture is able to sustain from the exposure of the hot Floridian climate and the Gulf of Mexico’s salty sea air throughout the upcoming years.

Mandalay Beach Resort uses Garden Light LED Visionary Series
and Micro Max fixtures to help fulfill their lighting designs

led micro owl light amber beach safeIn order to create an outstanding outdoor landscape lighting design for the resort that compliments the architecture of the building and add additional security for the homeowners, it was ideal to create a three-dimensional lighting effect.

Alongside other LED fixtures used in this project were Garden Light’s Owl Micro Max Series which assisted in helping to create a three-tiered lighting design. This design was applied throughout the pool area and clubhouse of the Mandalay; offering residents an attractive pathway throughout the facility, adding beauty to the architecture and surrounding landscapes all night.

In conclusion, a total of 202 LED lighting fixtures were installed to finish phase one of the Mandalay Beach Club resort lighting design project. As for additional accessories to help complete this project, a series of drum connectors (corrosion free), was a necessary choice to use during the installation.