Owl LED Light (Micro II Series)

Introducing the Micro Owl LED Landscape Light

This small LED fixture packs a lot of exterior accent lighting capabilities into a versatile landscape light. It’s lightweight and easy to work with and its small profile, just 1 inch x 1.3 inches, enables this specialty micro fixture to fit into tight spaces and remain out of sight.

It’s so lightweight and versatile that it also offers you the options of using screw holes or an adhesive tape for quick installation.

The Micro Owl is oblong in shape and has a 130-degree optic which will give equal levels of light over an elongated area, thus eliminating hot spots. With this oblong optic you can use less fixtures than when using traditional wall lights for the same type of application. This micro feature isn’t small when it comes to savings, it packs a lot of punch with 115 lumens using only 1 watt of power consumption.

Small LED with Wide Light Output to Install Anywhere

The Micro Owl LED is an IP68 rated fixture so it will work perfectly in any outdoor landscape application and with it’s tiny design, it will fit anywhere you want and remain out of view making it the prefect light for many areas of your lighting design projects. This light fixture produces a narrow and wide LED light output directly beneath the fixture where installed. Photometric Close-up Mounted at a height of 10 inches, it will produce a strip of light that is approximately 6 feet wide. It also functions well as a step lights when overhanging steps are present and lighting up landscape areas with low foliage around trees and garden landscapes. This small LED light can also function as a waterfall down-light when mounted directly above the waterfall. It’s also fully potted and like all of Garden Light LED fixtures it will be able to withstand any harsh climate changes and comes with our 20-year warranty. A Fixture for Life!

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