6061 Stainless Aluminum: The Best Choice For Coastal Lighting Environments

Imagine you’re designing an elegant oceanfront outdoor space. You find the perfect LED light fixture, one that goes along beautifully with your modern contemporary design and enhances the coastal lighting environment. It’s the subtle but notable touch that brings everything together. Your outdoor lighting project is perfection. Fast forward to six months later and the client is upset because the lighting fixture has corrosion. Ouch!  Not only is the physical look of the fixture unappealing, but now the electronic components are compromised.

When approaching an outdoor lighting project – especially one that involves coastal lighting environments near waterways – it’s important to carefully consider the lighting fixture material. While being in close or direct proximity to the rivers and ocean, wind speeds, land and water temperature differences and many other factors can greatly vary with the amount of airborne salt spray that a coastal home or business property is exposed to daily. With these many outdoor factors and changing wet weather conditions having an impact on a coastal property and its outdoor landscapes, it’s no secret that coastal locations present challenges for professional services companies that install outdoor lighting products.

But, why is salt exposure such an important factor to consider when selecting your waterproof or submersible light fixtures when designing your next coastal lighting project? Simple: Coastal salt is hygroscopic. As in, it attracts water, easily creating a highly corrosive electrolyte solution that acts as a catalyst to oxidation and rust that will quickly shorten the life span of your lights.

LED lighting aesthetics and outdoor fixture materials are equally important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best lights for areas near the coastlines.

Some might think that steel and aluminum are interchangeable and can be used for a variety of situations and purposes. But nothing could be further from the truth. In coastal lighting applications, 6061 anodized SSA stainless aluminum waterproof led lights are the way to go. Here’s why:

6061 Stainless Aluminum is Versatile

6061 anodized SSA stainless aluminum is a high-strength but flexible material. This means that it can be used in a variety of design styles and is strong enough to withstand coastal environments. It allows us to use it in computer numerical control (CNC) machining to streamline outdoor lighting fixture productions creating modern contemporary designs in our American manufacturing facility located in Tampa, Florida. 6061 SSA fixture finishes also allow our LED lighting engineers to offer top of the line quality at competitive prices to our growing dealer markets.

Corrosion Resistance Light Fixtures

Designing and installing outdoor lighting applications using a non-corrosion and corrosion resistant material is one of the most important elements to consider when choosing lighting materials near the waterways and coastlines. 6061 Aluminum naturally generates a protective oxide coating that is highly resistant to becoming corrosive over time, making it’s resistance to chemicals such as sulfur and chlorides a huge plus, while adding the longevity to your LED lighting designs that keeps your lights looking great and shining bright for many years ahead.

Reduced Heat Buildup

SSA 6061 stainless aluminum provides our led lighting products with a naturally high thermal heat conductivity medium. This precise heat management construction built into SSA fixtures helps to prevent and reduce the build-up of heat that will ultimately damage your lights and cause them to expire way before their expected life span. This is why Garden Light LED has designed specific waterproof and corrosive resistant lighting products that will greatly extend the lifespan of your LED lights on and around your coastal properties outside.

Sustainable Lighting Products

One of the biggest benefits of LED lights is that they are environmentally friendly. Stainless Aluminum is also 100% recyclable and an important factor for those seeking sustainable materials as they build, upgrade or renovate their property.

The outdoor landscape lighting industry has come a long way with durable wall wash lighting and directional up lighting LED products. Today, you can find high-quality American made exterior LED lighting products that withstand any coastal lighting environment and still provide that highly desired modern contemporary design that looks just as amazing around your property during the day time, as it does shining brightly through the night.

To learn more, check out these LED light fixtures and outdoor landscape lighting products for your next coastal lighting design project and create that impressive property with a view that welcomes you each and every night.