LED Directional Spotlight V3

The V3 LED spotlight design is sleek and is only 2.3 inches in diameter while still being built to be the most durable directional spotlight on the market!

Continuing our commitment to A Fixture for Life, the new light engine is 100% compatible with the entire line of Visionary 3 Series housings and is perfect for all outdoor lighting applications including up-lighting, down-lighting, shadowing, silhouettes or Architectural accent lighting.

To learn more about the many great outdoor LED lighting designs and applications for this highly functional directional LED spotlight, please see our study in the news blog section on the April application winner that installed Visionary 3 spotlights into a new campus design plan making the landscapes and properties come to life at night.

Garden Light LED leads the landscape lighting industry with the release of a directional Visionary 3 series LED Light that can provide up or down lighting for a variety of applications. The Visionary V3 Light Series is outfitted with a state-of-the-art light engine for increased output while staying cool with low thermal retention. With a 40% increase in efficiency, the new LED directional spotlight engine can produce up to 75 Watts of halogen equivalent output from only 15.0VA (11.8 Watts) consumption!

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