Submersible SuperSaturn 3

The S3 Submersible Super Saturn is Garden Light LED’s most versatile, fully submersible, waterproof LED light. One very important feature is safety. The S3 can be used in all water features and our stainless-steel model is safe for fish and animals. The integrated LED drivers and thermal reduction ensure that this lamp offers long life and high-quality light outputs.

Finish options are:
Black – suitable for freshwater only – no salt water or chemicals
Brass – suitable for fresh, salt, and chlorinated water but NOT suitable for fresh and wildlife
Stainless Steel – suited for installation in, fresh water, salt water, or chlorinated water.

Safe for fish tanks and ponds, this LED waterproof light features a fully integrated driver with SJ submersible tinned wire. Great for all water features and waterways, the S3 is also available in our full range of True LED Color Light Output. Our color LEDs emit each of our actual colors. They do not simply throw white light through discs of colored plastic.

As with all our lights, this submersible LED product comes with our remarkable 20-year warranty. A Fixture for Life!

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