Outdoor Electrical Engineering LED Lighting Design

Power Design Engineering utilized Garden Light LED Visionary Series lighting fixtures to help fulfill their Corporate Campus’ site-wide improvement plan

V3 Down Spot Light

The Power Design Engineering company who serves customers nationwide provided an amazing electrical lighting design project for it’s a client as the first phase for a corporate campus’ site-wide improvement plan where the lighting fixtures were a key element to its success and beauty.

V3 Architectural Bronze Up Light

For this extremely important facet of the phase one electrical engineering lighting design plan, the new Royal Palms needed to be highlighted to become a highly visible nighttime focal point for many locations across the properties to elaborate the beauty and ambiance while improving security and appeal.

There are three key areas around the Lake with groupings of Royal Palm Tree’s which were a prime focus for this clients new design: along the West side lake path; the Plaza and the North parking island adjacent to the new boardwalk that was elegantly delivered to provide a perfect outdoor landscape lighting solution.


Outdoor Lighting Installation Technique

V3-75-6-AB for the up-lights and V3-75-2-AB-3000K for the down-lights

Jeff Brown Power Design Engineering
Jeff Brown

The tree lighting was accomplished by installing the V3 LED spotlights, which were mounted to electrical boxes on a tree strap, oriented in a position at 90 degrees to each other. The [2] 60-degree beam HO directional up-light luminaires are aimed up into the canopy while the [2] 25-degree beam directional led downlights were installed to graze the trunk and provide a pool of light at the base of the tree. Wiring was mounted to the trunk via stainless steel screws with screw hole zip-ties.

Transformers are remote from the tree area. See image (2A & 2C) of Royal Palm Lighting Details. Additionally, when checking with the Arborist regarding the use of stainless steel screws in the Royal Palms to secure the wires, we were told that a Royal Palm does not regenerate old puncture areas, so be sure we are certain that the screw location is permanent.

This Power Design Engineering Lighting Project Delivered 4 directional LED luminaires on each Royal Palm. There were a total of 17 Royal Palm Trees in this phase providing the lighting design project with a total of 68 light fixtures. More LED lights will be added this Spring to further enhance the property.

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