mini outdoor led deck lights

Mini Outdoor LED Deck Lighting Products

Garden Light LED lighting designers and installers love to use this light fixture in their landscape lighting design applications because it is both powerful and unobtrusive. The micro LED mini deck light II is CNC machined from Solid Brass or Stainless Aluminum, so it is not only incredibly durable but attractive and can match the aesthetics of your overall design.

Our exclusive LED line is leading the outdoor lighting industry with a state-of-the-art fully integrated light engine. Modular component design allows for easy serviceability in the field and is built for future technology upgrades to make this light what we call “A Fixture for Life.” The Micro Max light engine is integrated into a surface-mount housing with an ingenious hidden mounting bracket. The installed luminaire is rock-solid and shows no mounting brackets or wires when installed. Your customers will love this feature which will give them all the beauty and security they desire without the distraction of unsightly wires or mounting hardware.

This small LED Deck Light is also available in our full range of True LED Color Light Output Options and the mounting bracket is included.

Best Mini LED Deck Light Outdoor Lighting Applications:

  • Decks
  • Stairs
  • Railings
  • Wall Mounts
  • Step Lighting
  • Fences


  • Construction – 6061 Aluminum
  • Driver System – Internal Driver
  • Input Power 10.5-18 VAC
  • Beam Spread 130 degrees
  • Lead Wires – UL 1015 22, AWG tinned copper wire, 60-inch length
  • CRI 80- Certification – UL 1838, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


  • Overdesigned Heat Sink and Thermal Management for Longevity and Consistency
  • Dedicated LED Features
  • Machined Metal Ingot, Not Cast Material
  • Proprietary Design-Enhanced and Robust Driver Technology
  • Remarkably Tight Binning Process. 2-step MacAdam ellipse to Ensure Consistent Light Output and No Variant Light
  • Surge Protection Built into Every Driver


All Garden Light LED fixtures and equipment are built to last. We offer the greatest and most reliable 20-year landscape lighting warranty in the industry; 20 years at 8 hours a day usage. You can feel confident when selling and installing our fixtures knowing that you are offering our unparalleled quality and standard of excellence. In addition, we offer extremely competitive pricing, so you can install the finest outdoor led lighting products in the market today while knowing you are giving your customers the best lighting experience at truly competitive costs. Our products are all American made by America workers in our factory in Tampa, Florida and we stand by all our work 100 percent. We take our motto, A Fixture for Life, seriously, and we back that up with our 20-year warranty on all products.

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