Lighting the Path to Outdoor Seating at Night with Micro LED Lights

If you are looking for outdoor furnishings that offer an exceptional design with stylish features that are sustainable and sturdy enough for commercial use, look no further than the Tandem bench contour seats from ANOVA. With alluring design highlights found in the Tandem collection and four different creative laser cut patterns to choose from, the unique outdoor bench style seating designs evolved from the imaginative viewpoint of landscape architects.

These exceptionally planned bench designs from certified Landscape Architects ensured that their outdoor furnishings would attractively blend into any landscape area where elegant outdoor seating and led path lights were desired, whether it was intended for a residential or commercial outdoor landscape lighting application.

Improve Your Ambience Nightly with Functional Outdoor Landscapes

When you’re planning to add bench seats outside for your guests and visitors to use through the day and into the night, it’s always important to consider the functionality, beauty, safety, and reliability, which is exactly what ANOVA has done. The ANOVA line of contour Tandem bench seats are extremely practical for many types of applications indoors or outdoors while offering the superior seating functionality that embraces an enhanced design style with features that are sure to suit any landscape architecture campus or building plan design, whether that’s industrial, contemporary or modern.

To keep the design and elegance of the ANOVA benches lasting long into the nights for anyone that passes down the pathways to enjoy, the Tandem series of benches offers a high-performance warm 3000K LED color output spectrum under the benches for you and your guests to benefit from through the night. By highlighting the bottom areas of these sustainable benches with energy efficient led lights and illuminating the paths which they rest on, your visitors are always going to feel safe and welcomed any time of the night.


Low Voltage Lighting to Illuminate Fine Outdoor Furnishings

As an outdoor fine furnishings manufacturer that has created 4 impressive and unique designs that are in high demand around their Tandem bench series of seats, ANOVA knew they needed to expand the features and practically of this series of seating for its consumers using a product line that had the same vision for American made quality. With Quality and small specialty LED lighting solutions in mind for their highly sought after line of outdoor seats, ANOVA chose the owl micro series of led lights from garden Light LED.

The micro series of specialty mini outdoor LED lighting products that Garden Light LED consistently delivers to its American manufacturing partners and landscape lighting companies around the USA is first-class. By having that manufacturer vision of adding long-term value to all outdoor landscaping products and providing top quality sustainable solutions with one-of-a kind product designs that was sure to meet the needs of their clients nationwide, the Tandem bench series of outdoor furnishings integrated a true low voltage lighting solution that was sleek, modern and beautifully lit the pathways for it’s guest strolling around the properties at night.

A few of the many benefits of using Garden Light LED specialty led landscape lighting products with fine outdoor furnishings in property spaces includes:owl-micro-led

  • 20-year Warranty Light Output
  • Rust-Free and Fade Resistant
  • Environmentally Conscious Materials
  • Low Voltage Energy Consumption
  • Certified UL1838 Lighting Compliance
  • Weather Safe in all Harsh Conditions
  • Custom Micro Series LED Designs
  • Suitable for Discreet Mounting
  • Functional and Durable
  • Made in the USA

While you can buy these superior outdoor benches with contour seats in various designs and styles with led lighting already installed to provide that touch of elegance and security to your residential or commercial landscape properties all night.

ANOVA and Garden Light LED also offer several remarkable lighting solutions for adding on a superior cost-effective low voltage pathway lighting fixture to your landscape seating that will definitely improve your outdoor furnishings by creating those warm and welcoming well-lit illuminated spaces across your property pathways, walkways, sitting areas or sidewalks.