P0 Path Light Patina

The Patina Process

At Garden Light LED, our fixtures are CNC-machined from high quality metals including raw brass. One thing to keep in mind and express to your customers is that these fixtures will change color or “patina” over time and will not be the shiny brass fixtures you first pulled out of the box (Just think of the Statue of Liberty!)

Path Light Patina 1

Path Light Patina 2

Well Light Patina 1

Well Light Patina 2

Mini Well Light Patina 1

Hawk Eye Patina 1

Falcon Eye Patina 1

So, why does this happen? This is a result of a chemical process between the metal and ions in the air called oxidation. Though the oxidation is the biggest factor in this process, there are many other variables that can contribute including: 

 Location (Non-coastal vs. Coastal environments) 

Irrigation water impurities 

Exposure to sunlight 

Acidity of soil 

Cleaning solutions and so much more 

With all these outside variables, it is important to understand and educate your customer that not every fixture will patina the same or at the same rate. Some may be dark; others may be green. It may take 4 months, or it may take 5 years, but the beauty of having raw brass is that no fixture will ever look the same. Download our flyer here to share with your customers. 

The natural process of patina is not covered under our warranty terms and conditions. Please visit our warranty statement for more information.