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Springing into Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


The holidays are now past us for another year, and it’s time — at least here in Florida — to start thinking about your garden lighting as the Spring weather starts to make outdoor spaces more enticing. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting fixtures are a fantastic way to bring life and beauty to your outdoor landscapes and living spaces even after the sun goes down.

The right lighting options can make a space feel magical, inviting, even romantic. It’s all about what fixtures you choose, and how you choose to use them, that will make all the difference. As you get out into your garden to start your spring planting, here are a few ideas for ways you can use LED garden lights to transform your entire space.

  1. Path Lights: You can find path lighting in a wide range of styles, suitable for any décor or mood. You can have whimsical mushrooms leading you and your guests to a woodsy seating area. Or modern fixtures that give your space a sense of timeless elegance. Or anything in between. Path lighting provides a function, yes, in that it will ensure you and your guests can safely navigate the space. But it is also a way to set the mood right from the first steps into your garden.
  2. Tree Spot Lights: One way to transform a space is to selectively highlight certain trees or other landscape elements with LED lighting. As you plant new flowers in your beds, prune your trees and prepare your space for Spring growth, consider adding LED lights around the space to change the entire look and feel after dark. One word of caution, however — be mindful of where and how you install lighting around trees and other plants. If you aren’t careful, you could impede their roots, or even have trees attempt to grow around the fixture, so you’ll want to ensure you’re installing them correctly.
  3. Water Lights. Especially here in Florida, pools, and ponds are a staple of many gardens and backyards. But you don’t have to stick with the standard lighting for these elements. You can choose to install beautiful LED lighting specifically designed for the water, to create beautiful and captivating spaces, making sure your water feature is as eye-catching — if not more so — at night as it is during the day.
  4. Well Lights: No, we don’t mean the kind of wells you get water out of. We mean the recessed spaces around your home and garden that can become small black holes of darkness once the sun goes down. LED well lights provide a dramatic effect, highlighting landscape and architectural outdoor spaces that would otherwise be completely lost at night.

And these are just a few of the many lighting options available. As you begin to plan your garden’s look and feel for the coming season, it’s a great time to also think about your lighting. This is the perfect time of year to refresh your space with more than just some new plants. It is a time to rediscover the beauty and joy of your space by changing up the lighting and creating an entirely new atmosphere to enjoy well into the coming year.

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