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How the Milling Process of LED Lights Improves Quality


The manufacturing process that produces great LED landscape lights is called the CNC milling process. It is used by the finest manufacturers in the United States, including Garden Light LED. But what is CNC milling? Why does it matter? Let’s break it down.

CNC Milling for LED Light Production Explained:

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC milling is used to manufacture a wide variety of objects we all use in our everyday lives, including cars, machine components, cell phones, and children’s toys.

The machines used for this process are either horizontal or vertical, which refers to the orientation of the cutting tool. Before, CNC milling machines were manually or mechanically operated. However, with the invention of CNC, computers can automate the process from a central control. It reads information and stores it in a numerical format. These are read as programming codes, which are then used to control and operate a machine. This machine uses a cutting tool to remove excess material and form the object desired (such as an LED light). The cutting is started from either a solid block, pre-machined part, casting, or forging.

There are various types of machining tools that can be used in a CNC system. Their functions were once performed by human hands, but now they are automated entirely by computer control. However, there are still technicians who are required to oversee and facilitate the process. They must interpret technical drawings and specifications, operate industry-specific software, and possess machinery and metal work skills. The software for the computerized process is typically a Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM) software.

Why it Matters in Terms of Product Quality

This type of computer-automated processing guarantees the quality of your LED landscape lighting. Previously, high technical skill was required to achieve the same results, and human error could always sneak in. With the entire process being led by a system of protocols, it goes much smoother. And yet, there is still a highly skilled technician overseeing it to make sure everything goes smoothly. You can be sure that landscape lights from Garden Light LED are made with the highest degree of care. Garden Light LED also offers a 20-year warranty, which is the longest in the industry. Many other companies typically offer a five or ten-year warranty. We offer this extension because we care about total satisfaction when you are purchasing LED landscape lighting.

Experience it for Yourself

See the care that goes into every product from Garden Light LED for yourself by requesting a live demo; a plant tour at the corporate office; or, by requesting a consultation about the Dealer Program. We are currently located in Tampa, Florida. Our toll-free phone number is 800-511-2099, or our local phone number at 813-901-5595. Speak with an experienced member of our team and find a convenient, affordable solution for your outdoor lighting needs. And when you see the quality for yourself, please leave you’re a review for others to read!