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Landscape Lighting Kits: 5 Ways LED is Leading the Way

For something so small, LEDs have had a big impact. If things continue as predicted, the global LED lighting market will crack $54 billion in 2022. One application that’s getting more and more popular is LED landscape lighting kits. While little more than a curiosity in the early days, the technology has advanced rapidly. Read on to see how LED is leading the way in landscape lighting.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a staple selling point of LED lighting. Of course, the standard comparison is between LEDs, regular incandescent lighting, and CFL. The main competitor for LED in outdoor lighting is halogen lighting. So how does LED stand up to halogen in terms of efficiency? LED still comes out on top. When producing a similar amount of light, LED is up to 72% more efficient than halogen.


One of the big complaints about early LED landscape lighting kits is that the fixtures were made of cheap plastic. It was a valid complaint. Those plastic fixtures broke if anyone looked at them sideways or a child even stepped onto the property. Cheap and more durable plastic LED lights are still available, but material choices have expanded a lot. LED landscape lights are available in stainless steel, stainless aluminum, brass and even copper. The move into metal means more durable lighting system that will last for years.


The same care that goes into traditional lighting fixture designs is being applied to LED landscape lights. Current designs range from Tiki styles and low-profile surface lights to path lights. These options allow you to match light design styles to your home’s design features. The material options help with that as well. Stainless steel and stainless aluminum provide a sleek, modern feel. Copper and brass will develop patinas that mesh well with older homes. The truly motivated can apply a patina to brass and copper to get that look right now.

Color and Landscape Lighting Kits

Another complaint about early LED landscape lighting was that it produced harsh blue light. This was because the light wasn’t around 2800 Kelvins, which is standard warm lighting. It was up in the 3000+ Kelvin range that produces the blue tinge. That problem has been fixed, which means lighting kits offer the warm glow preferred in landscape lighting. LED lighting also offers color variety, such as reds and greens. This provides for some variety and personal style in outdoor lighting.


Many people embrace the DIY lifestyle. They view landscaping and landscape lighting as fair game for a hands-on approach. Low-voltage landscape lighting kits are made for this group. Installing a low-voltage kit does require an exterior electrical outlet for the converter. The converter drops the wall current down to a safe 12 volts. They choose the lighting placement and install the fixtures. They wire the lights together and into the converter. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for sunset.

Parting Thoughts

Advances in LED tech have transformed it from a neat oddity into the go-to choice for landscape lighting kits. These kits offer energy efficiency, quality materials, and design options. DIY fans can even take control and install the lights themselves. Garden Light LED specializes in low-voltage, outdoor LED lighting for homes and businesses. For questions or more information about Garden Light LED’s products, please reach out today.