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Improving Your Business Relationships with Your Local Community

Businesses not only contribute to the economic stability of local economies, they are also essential to the social and cultural well-being of local communities. Corporate enterprises of all sizes have a responsibility to “give back.” All companies must be engaged with their communities – with customers, other business leaders, political representatives, and local charitable organizations. To do so shows an investment beyond mere dollars and cents, and its a great way to promote your local lighting design services company while making a difference improving the community.

There are many ways an outdoor lighting business can improve relationships by “giving back.” Here are a few:


Many of the biggest companies offer their employees paid-time off to volunteer for causes they believe in. Other companies choose to volunteer as an entire organization. Either way, the dedication of time and resources to volunteering shows a level of commitment to causes that improve the community as a whole. Companies that encourage volunteer activity find employees are generally happier because they feel supported by an employer who cares, which goes a long way in retaining and attracting talent along with creating many new business relationships that often leads a company into great word of mouth business referrals.


One of the best ways a company can help a community is by “donating” its expertise and experience. Businesses possess a wealth of talent that could be shared with community members. Teaching a class at the local library on different types of backyard, pathway or driveway lighting designs, for example, allows a business to educate and enlighten the local community on best lighting practices and considerations. Being known as the company with knowledge to share in this area, will make future customers of yours into advocates, employees and aspiring students whom you may work with one day.


There are seemingly infinite opportunities for sponsorship out there. Find one that is local and recognizable that you and your team of employees would like to be associated with helping. For example, every community newspaper relies on local business sponsors to keep the presses running, and countless youth sports leagues need funding to keep kids out on the fields. These are just two of the many ways a lighting business can become involved in community activity without dedicating much time at all. And a company who claims to be a “Proud Supporter of…” is one that knows how to market their sponsorship well.

Relationships with local constituencies are among the most important relationships a business can have while also adding great branding exposure to the heart of your local community for all residents and business owners to see. Oftentimes the residents are both your customers and employees, which is a great way to show your community support and get the name of your business out there. It is important to show that you are willing to support their community, because it is one you share with them and look to make better every day while working new projects, and giving back to through local sponsorships is a great way to build trust and share your expertise.

A business that gets out there and “gives back” will not only feel satisfaction in their activity, they will also enjoy tangible benefits for their business over the long haul, from networking opportunities to positive marketing that attracts new local customers, improving your community relations through local branding programs is key for any business that truly wants to succeed.

If you’d like to discuss more of these beneficial ways to build up a great lighting design business in your local community, contact Garden Light LED to schedule some time with one of our business marketing outreach specialists and lighting design profit coaches today.