best modern slim led landscape lights

The Best Modern and Slim Profile LED Path Light for Outdoor Landscapes

The sleekest and newest path light to join our outdoor landscape lighting products lineup is the Modern LED Path Light known as the P1-90, with a slim profile design. The unique design of this walkway and pathway lighting fixture adds an element of class to any pathways it illuminates with the best-LED designs and high-quality construction processes. The Modern LED P1-90 Path Light offers an excellent low voltage lighting solution for any residential landscape lighting or commercial outdoor lighting design project, especially contemporary style homes, office buildings/complexes, and hotels with that elegant touch of architectural design. Green industry spaces and parks that require nighttime path lights would also be a perfect setting for these attractive and practical fixtures to keep the area properly lit outdoors with reliable and energy-efficient low-cost operational lighting solutions.

Energy Efficient LED Path Lights

These durable, slim profile, modern LED pathway lights are made in the USA and are specially designed using precision engineered lighting production standards to be energy efficient and long lasting in all weather conditions. This new LED pathway light delivers 230lm lumens of light to the walkways below casting a 120-degree angle while only using 2 Watts and 5 voltage amps of power. This is a great selling point for your customers because you can tell them with confidence that these fixtures will keep their operational costs low and sustainable for many beneficial years ahead. Homeowners and business owners alike will be happy to know how energy efficient these stunning slim profile path lights will look also during the days and nights once installed.

Modern Style LED Pathway Lights

All of Garden Light LED’s lighting products are made to last a lifetime and are manufactured in the United States at our factory based in Tampa Florida. Each modern style light fixture is engineered with precision to reduce thermal conductivity to extend the integrated led lighting fixtures light output levels. This allows us to deliver you a reliable LED pathway light that looks modern and stylish and is, as we say at GLLED, a fixture for life. All our lighting products are Intertek certified come with a 20-year warranty and can withstand all types of temperature changes and weather conditions.

Slim Profile LED Lighting Applications:

Path Lighting Design Specifications:

  • Path Light Construction: 6061 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Integrated LED Light Driver System: Internal Driver
  • Light Input Power: 10,5-18 VAC
  • Installation Method: Ground Stake Included
  • Certification: 1838 UL Low Voltage
  • Light Output Beam Spread: 120
  • Lighting Fixture Finish: Architectural Bronze or Black

P1-90 Modern LED Pathway Light Features:

  • Overdesigned Heat Sink and Thermal Management for Longevity and Consistency
  • Dedicated LED Features
  • Machined Metal Ingot, Not Cast Material
  • Proprietary Design-Enhanced and Robust Driver Technology
  • Remarkably Tight LED Binning Process. 2-step MacAdam ellipse to Ensure Consistent Light Output and No Variant Light
  • Surge Protection Built into Every Driver

For more information and pricing on all of the Garden Light LED best in class LED Lighting products that are Modern and Stylish. When you want high quality and low-cost Landscape Pathway Lighting fixtures and Low Voltage Equipment, please call us at 1-800-511-2099 or submit your info into our quick contact form to have one of our professional lighting managers contact you.