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A Professional Outdoor Lighting Company that Lights the Way

When you want to know how to get into the landscape lighting industry, trust those who have found success and developed a model for proven results. Over the years at Oregon Outdoor Lighting, Kyle has learned the importance of designing top quality lighting systems and creating a strong company culture. Realizing that the ultimate measure of success for any business is the happiness of your clients and your team, Kyle’s diligent focus has continued to Light the Way for his successful outdoor lighting business, and with that he is determined to strengthen his investments further while growing his team and providing mentorship services to others who want to create a multimillion-dollar outdoor lighting company as well.

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An Outdoor Lighting Business that Offers Advice to Professionals

When you are just starting out in the landscape lighting business and wanting to know more or perhaps have even been in it for years already, McKelvey’s advice can truly help your company guide the way towards a rewarding and successful lighting design services company. If your landscape and lighting business would like to learn more about Kyle and his team of professionals that continue to experience exponential growth throughout Oregon in the outdoor lighting industry, We welcome you to read a recently published green industry article where he shares some thoughts and challenges along with a 7 step services program for you to keep in mind as a lighting design company owner. As he shares this information with the landscape and irrigation industry businesses, Kyle aims to raise the bar for the lighting industry by providing the key knowledge which he has gained over the years while building and running a successful outdoor lighting business.