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4 Things to Look for in Quality Landscape Lights

Landscape lighting can transform an outdoor space from just a yard to a beautiful oasis.

But not all landscape lights are created equal.

Different lights have different advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to give the customer the right lights for their space and needs.

In this article, we’re breaking down the four most important factors to look for when choosing quality landscape lighting.

The Top 4 Things to Look for When Choosing Landscape Lights

1. Quality Materials

Choosing the material of LED lights isn’t just about how they look. It’s also about their quality and durability.

For customers who want their landscape lights to last, make sure that you’re choosing a quality material to house your LEDs in addition to the LEDs themselves.

Materials like plastic or recycled aluminum will hold up for an event or short term use. However, these low grade materials will start to decay and crack. It won’t be long before they allow moisture to leak into the electrical system. This could cause expensive — and dangerous — damage.

Opt for Solid Brass, Stainless Aluminum, or Stainless Steel for long-lasting quality.

2. Performance and Reliability

Of course, your LED landscape lighting fixtures need to be able to have superior performance with consistent, reliable light.

The best lights have the following:

  • Multiple beam angles
  • Full-definition
  • high-efficiency optics
  • total internal reflection (TIR) technology
  • no hot spots
  • no color separation
  • no sharp edges

In addition to performance, they must have reliable water resistance to stand up to the climate year round. They also must meet the safety standards.

Find LED products that are ETL certified. This means that they meet all of the safety standards your customers and installation technicians need to be protected.

3. Aesthetics

Keep your customers happy with an LED fixture design that meets their desired aesthetic.

Are these water lights hidden in a pool or pond? Or are these lights enhancing the design of a walkway and prominently visible?

Either way, make sure you have a variety of quality options to please your customers. You want to not only light up the landscape, but also to add to their design aesthetic.

4. Features

Impress your customers with landscape lighting that has more than one trick.

It’s no secret that LED lighting today comes in a huge variety of colors and styles. Excellent LEDs can create a specific mood or even visual branding. That technology is advancing and growing every day.

Choose lighting designed to upgrade with LED technology advancements, so that you can ensure the longevity of the investment.


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What else do you look for in quality landscaping lights?