High-Performance C230 and C360 Solid Brass Lighting Designs

Why are C230 Solid Brass components so Important in Lighting?C230 Brass Billet Construction

To manufacture a solid, sleek and strikingly appealing brass lighting product that will last a lifetime in any outdoor landscape, Garden Light LED fixtures are engineered using top quality designs using CNC machines with solid C230 brass components. Made with our remarkable technology, each brass fixture is individually hand-crafted and tested using C230 solid brass billet construction. Designed for improved function and longevity, our led lighting fixtures also feature performance-oriented efficiency and visual sophistication to ensure quality is never compromised when a fixture is being developed.

Superior C360 Brass Lighting Fixtures are Made to Last a LifetimeC360 Brass Construction

For our high-performance line of brass fixtures, we also utilize a C360 brass which became a natural choice because of its high thermal conductivity and excellent ability to resist corrosion. While some outdoor led lighting fixtures may use casting or only a brass finish, Garden Light LED always uses the best of the best for creating solid Brass constructed fixtures that are machine milled by computer designs. Since quality is always of the utmost importance to our team of lighting professionals, we strictly use C360 brass to ensure that all Garden Light LED lights operate within our tight thermal requirements.

Our solid constructed brass product integration’s don’t stop at our outdoor landscape lights, as we also develop our own LED transformers as well that provide the best technical innovation and performance possible utilizing sold brass constructed terminal blocks. Garden Light LED manufactures an unmatched line of transformers with a proven track record and a nearly perfect performance history, with an impressive pedigree and a failure rate of less than one in a thousand units.

Why is Solid Brass construction the best for long-lasting durable lights?


Solid brass hardware is tough and strong to endure outdoor seasonal elements, while adding sophisticated beauty to any property regardless of the weather or age. Since c230 and c360 brass is impenetrable to the harsh outdoor elements and naturally resists corrosion, solid brass lighting products will give you years of trouble-free service along with exceptionally thermal conductivity. It doesn’t matter which brass lighting fixture or accessory you select, by choosing brass and Garden Light LED products featuring brass components, you’ll know the beauty and durability of having solid brass will always be enjoyed by providing the best performance as once it was installed on day one.

How can you tell if my Brass Lights are solid or just plated?

Since lights are often plated to give a “look” of solid brass, it is sometimes difficult to tell until many years later. Many manufacturers-proud of their product will advertise Solid Brass on their specification sheets to ensure buyers know they are buying the best quality brass lights available. When in doubt, its always advised to ask your manufacturer specifically if the lights are a plated or brass made with solid construction from the start.

Built with unmatched lighting fixture designs using UL65, Intertek / ETL certifications, Garden Light LED incorporates the best lighting industry standards while utilizing C230 and C360 solid brass designs in all their brass finish fixtures. Lighting professionals who choose Garden Light LED products, can always rest assured that we will never compromise on quality or performance, as we continue playing a leading role in the advancements of this architectural landscape lighting industry. Utilizing superior mechanical characteristics, our fixtures and transformers clearly demonstrate a commitment to top-notch quality performance, ensuring your next lighting design projects with brass fixtures will always keep you, and your clients happy for a lifetime.

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