High Power LED Spotlight X5

The X5 High Power LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Spotlight is the best LED Flood Light style option with a modern well-designed spotlight body that features compression lens technology; along with an overdesigned heat sink and thermal management capabilities for longevity and consistency. This dedicated LED fixture is a Machined Metal Ingot, not Cast Material and utilizes a Proprietary design-enhanced with a robust lighting driver technology.

Powerful High Lumen Output Lights for Outdoor Landscapes

These LED Flood Lights offer a Modern Thermal Heat Efficient Spotlight housing that is able to cast a high power light output using different wattage and lumens with multiple optic spreads to update those fading or worn out outdoor flood lights with a new and improved outdoor led flood light style landscape lighting option. This up-light can spread light outdoors on any outdoor space with wide flood style ranges of output and it provides a remarkably tight led binning process and 2-step MacAdam ellipse to ensure consistent light output and no variant light spectrum’s. Surge protection is built into every driver for enhanced Lumen output levels while these high power led spotlight fixtures were tested with shrouds.

Flat and Directional LED Light Shroud Options Available. Flat shroud provided with the X5 spotlight order by default, for directional shrouds please specify when placing order.

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