A Fixture for Life

Intelligently created Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting products that are compatible with future led technologies


Less energy more light

Garden Light LED’s A Fixture for Life LED products consume less energy and create more light. More impressive than any other, these fixtures continue to push the boundaries of technology and because they are lifetime investments, offer clients unrivaled satisfaction.

LED Lighting Product Growth and Industry Adaptability
LED technology is rapidly developing and advancing. Garden Light LED has stayed ahead of the curve by engineering and manufacturing A Fixture for Life, its line of select LED fixtures that are adaptable in design and designed to be upgraded with LED technology that doesn’t even exist yet.

Virtually indestructible, fixtures from our A Fixture for Life LED line is not limited to the technology they are originally built with, and upgrading the LED technology is almost as easy as changing a light bulb. Garden Light LED’s A Fixture for Life LED fixtures are a lifetime investment for you and your customers.