mark timm

Mark Timm is a successful serial entrepreneur who has started eleven business and is now co-owner of a top 100 Amazon reseller.  Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mark worked in the White House, for USA Today and with Kellogg’s.  Mark’s most recent endeavor was to extend the Ziglar brand in May 2017 with the launch of Ziglar Family. More than 45,000 families participated in the Ziglar 7-Day Family Challenge and the Families that Win online course.

“My life was changed forever when I met Zig Ziglar at the age of nineteen as the FFA National President,” says Mark Timm.  “I’m eager to apply my experience in creating digital learning experiences and leveraging technology and platforms like Amazon to see people not just make it to the top, but as Mr. Ziglar put it—see them go over the top!  I have a passion for providing individuals, families, and organizations with resources they can trust to thrive in a chaotic world.”  Mark Timm

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