Brandon Miles @ LIGHTSCAPES, LLC.

Brandon Miles -Lightscapes LLC
Brandon Miles -Lightscapes LLC

I have always been a student of excellence, focusing on the importance of
detail and striving for greatness in whatever endeavor I chose.  I
played football and wrestled in high school and college, both sports
prepared me for striving for greatness through hard work and
perseverance.  Overcoming each obstacle in front of me and demanding my
personal best. 

After college, I continued to pursue my passion in the
sports of football and wrestling, becoming a coach in each sport,
therefore, passing on a legacy to each athlete I coached to be an
overachiever and demand excellence in whatever their passion in life.  I
find that this passion I have for coaching has filled a void I had in my
life, and now I can coach other lighting entrepreneurs and their pursuit
of excellence in their lighting business.

I have been in the landscape lighting business for 27 years as an owner
of my company, Lightscapes, LLC.  I began in 1997 with a good friend and
mentor, Reto Mueller, the owner of Garden Light, LED, and manufacturer
of the finest LED fixtures and components.  He and I started Garden
Light, and I have been a loyal friend, partner, and distributor of
Garden Light LED.  I highly recommend Garden Light LED products, not
because of the personal connection, but because it’s simply the finest
LED product I’ve ever used, sold, and installed.  The Tampa factory is
state of the art, and the employees and staff are top-notch, highly
educated in the landscape lighting arena, as well as sales, design, and
support.  I’ve been around for a long time, and I’ve seen plenty of
products come and go…none compared to Garden Light LED.

As far as my future, I will continue to strive to be the best!  I will
continue to share my landscape lighting secrets and educational training
for all those future landscape lighting pros who want to be the best
too!  I have a great passion for this business and honestly, my path
continues to evolve in pursuing greatness and helping others grow their
business.  My good friends Ryan Lee with Landscape Lighting Secrets and
Reto and Michelle Meuller with Garden Light LED will be moving forward
with many more training events, and I can only say to those landscape
lighting pros and new business owners, now is the time to “LIGHT IT
UP!”  Sincerely, Brandon Miles