Daou Vineyard

The Daou Vineyard is an exquisite winery that sprawls across the expansive Daou Mountain top offering patrons breathtaking views. However, adequate lighting was lacking, especially during the evening and night. To address this issue, Steve Gogatz, CEO of Innovative Light Designs, partnered with Luis Couttolenc, Garden Light LED Architectural Lighting & Design Coach, to design and install a beautiful and effective lighting system throughout the vineyard.


The team faced several problems that needed to be handled during Phase 1 of the project. First, the ironwork of the Main Gate Arch was invisible in low light conditions. The Second Arch and the artistic tile features in the building also needed to be illuminated for cohesion. The Patio Area includes a water feature and a large tree that required proper lighting to showcase the scenic view of the rolling hills. Slopping down from the patio’s edge is the “DAOU Life Is Beautiful” Sign, which did not have sufficient lighting and needed the ability to read the message to be improved. Lastly, the parking lot was not lit initially, and thick hedges lined the space between the asphalt and the building with large wrought iron artistic panels that needed to be illuminated.


The team installed 35 Blue and 139 White fixtures in Phase 1 of the project, utilizing Mini Spotlights, Mini Well Lights, Mini Wall Washers, P0 Path Lights, S1 Halos, S3 Saturns, V3 Spotlights, Well Lights, and Micro Maxes. These fixtures were strategically installed to address the challenges and provide adequate lighting to the property.

To tackle the puzzle of the Main Gate Arch, the team used the winery’s blue color branding to illuminate the arch, making it a beacon for visitors. These same fixtures were used on the Second Arch, with a blue hue. The detailed blue tile work at the bar/restaurant area was also emphasized with blue lights, continuing the pop of color for the blue branding theme. The red “DAOU Life Is Beautiful” sign had additional lights installed at the base, reflecting the red and creating a spectacular glow. To address the parking lot, the property agreed to cut out spaces in the hedging for the fixtures to be installed directly in front of the ironwork, enhancing the workmanship, and creating incredible shadow effects.


With Innovative Light Design’s expert installation and Luis’ creative lighting design, the team won the 2023 Award of Merit for Best Commercial Lighting Project by The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP). Phase 1 of the Daou Vineyard project is now complete, and the team is looking forward to completing Phase 2 to light the outer exterior tables, seating, and steps that tier down to the Special Event Arch. The vineyard is now gorgeously lit, offering visitors a magnificent view of the property even in the darkest hours.