X-LIGHT-DBL | Double Sided


Ideal for pathways, wall sconces, patios, docks, and driveways

Features and Benefits

  • Built in the United States
  • Stainless Steel Base, with molded Brass or Stainless Steel Top
  • U.S. Made Light Engine and Driver
  • CREE Chips – 2 Step MacAdam Ellipse with Built-in Surge Protectors
  • Lead made with 18 Gauge Tin Coated Marine Grade Non-Corrosive Copper Wire
  • Operating Voltage Range 10.5V – 18V
  • Overdesigned Heatsink Ensures Increased Longevity and Consistency
  • Neoprene seal to prevent ‘light leaks’
  • IP68 Rated
  • Available in: 3000K, 2700K*, 5000K*, Amber*, Blue*, Royal Blue*, Green*, Red*

*Non-stocked items require 5-7 business days additional lead time, special order deposit and are non-refundable.

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Installation Guide       Specifications Sheet       IES File/s (zip)

One of the latest innovations from Garden Light LED is the ultra-low profile, double-sided X-Light. This Fixture is perfect for hardscapes, docks, walkways and Driveways. The sleek, modern design of this lamp adds to the aesthetics of the areas it Lights and is less than 3/4 of an inch tall.

The X-Light features a fully integrated driver, 3.8VA, with SJEOOW tinned wire and is available in True LED Color Light Output Options. True LED Color means that our color LED Lights actually emit those colors rather than throw white light through discs of colored plastic which is true for many lamps our competitors offer.

The X factor is the unobtrusive and powerful way this Fixture handles the job. Elegance, safety, security, color, style, and beauty are an easy sell. These LED lamps have it all and your customers will love them.