Genie Headquarters Color Branding

Genie, a $4 billion dollar company, was looking for a trusted lighting vendor to illuminate the exterior of their new world headquarters building in Bothell, WA.


They had a vision to create a branded look similar to the impossible-to-miss magenta colored T-Mobile buildings off I-405 in Bellevue. The focus would be on visual impact, functionality, and safety around the establishment for their grand opening.


To make this vision a reality, the key was to team up with Garden Light LED to create a custom colored blue chip for the light fixtures that matches the Genie branding.

We used 67 high powered X5 spotlights to uplight the perimeter of the building. 12 Large Well Lights were installed flush in the hardscape to shine light on the pillars where we couldn’t put a spot light. To tackle the safety aspect, 8 P11 industrial path lights were used to create a safe walkway for entering and leaving the building.


The client was extremely satisfied with how the lighting turned out and is considering additional lighting later this year. The vibrant custom blue perfectly represents the brand and helps the building stand out at night, accomplishing their goal of creating curb appeal, functionality, and safety. The lighting was a hit with the employees as well and even contributed to a boost in morale and company pride.