Retrofit Halogen Lighting Products

Garden Light offers a full assortment of high-grade halogen retrofit fixtures, with a variety of different wattages and degree spreads of light bulbs that are sure to meet your landscaping needs for halogen or led compatible outdoor lighting products. Halogen bulbs have been illuminating low-voltage landscape lighting systems for many many years and our retrofit halogen compatible products are capable of handling any halogen bulb or led style bulbs including a bi-pin or MR16 for these outdoor retrofit lighting fixtures.

Outdoor Retrofit Halogen Landscape Lighting Products

Retrofit Halogen low-voltage lighting fixtures have been used for outdoor lighting applications over the years and continue to be in demand for some clients as an outdoor lighting option. Our halogen retrofit line of products such as the DL-200, F7150 and F777, which are some of the best retrofit halogen lights for landscape lighting service companies who aim to retrofit halogen style lighting designs into client applications or upgrade existing halogen bulb products with an led bulb down the road to improve their energy efficiency. Retrofit Halogen light fixtures provide a low cost of entry and are considered a traditional standard for landscape lighting in the industry and our retrofit halogen products can be used with halogen or led light bulbs.