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Springing into Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

  The holidays are now past us for another year, and it’s time — at least here in Florida — to start thinking about your garden lighting as the Spring weather starts to make outdoor spaces more enticing. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting fixtures are a fantastic way to bring life and beauty to your outdoor […]

How LED Lights Are Made

  As a society, we are fascinated by how things are put together. What goes into their components? How are those components then assembled into a whole? As one of the top LED lighting manufacturers in the United States, Garden Light LED wanted to take this opportunity to walk you through the process of how […]

Proud to be Certified Turtle-Safe

  While we don’t always think about it, outdoor LED lighting can have an impact on more than just the beauty or functionality of a space. It can also impact the local wildlife. So when the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission opened up their certification program to allow lighting manufacturers to get their products […]