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How the Milling Process of LED Lights Improves Quality

  The manufacturing process that produces great LED landscape lights is called the CNC milling process. It is used by the finest manufacturers in the United States, including Garden Light LED. But what is CNC milling? Why does it matter? Let’s break it down. CNC Milling for LED Light Production Explained: CNC stands for Computer […]

5 Facts About Utilizing Waterproof LED Lights

LED lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Adding colored led lights to your property can be a great way to add decoration and visibility all year round. For the best results, we recommend using low voltage waterproof LED lighting products. These lights will be able to hold up to outdoor weather conditions. Let’s take a […]

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How LED Outdoor Lighting Can Brighten Up Your Business

Any business owner would love to make their establishment look great while also saving money. Usually, businesses have to choose between one or the other. You can create an inviting atmosphere if you’re willing to pay for it. Or, you can save money by cutting corners when it comes to aesthetics. But if you own or operate […]

Your Landscape Project: Choosing LED Flood Lights

When it comes to illuminating your front or backyard at night, nothing beats LEDs. They are affordable, bright, and have a longer lifespan than traditional florescent bulbs. They’re also better for the environment. There are many types of LEDs out there. For a newly-renovated landscaping project, LED flood lights are a great choice. Not sold […]

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Springing into Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

  The holidays are now past us for another year, and it’s time — at least here in Florida — to start thinking about your garden lighting as the Spring weather starts to make outdoor spaces more enticing. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting fixtures are a fantastic way to bring life and beauty to your outdoor […]

How LED Lights Are Made

  As a society, we are fascinated by how things are put together. What goes into their components? How are those components then assembled into a whole? As one of the top LED lighting manufacturers in the United States, Garden Light LED wanted to take this opportunity to walk you through the process of how […]

Proud to be Certified Turtle-Safe

  While we don’t always think about it, outdoor LED lighting can have an impact on more than just the beauty or functionality of a space. It can also impact the local wildlife. So when the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission opened up their certification program to allow lighting manufacturers to get their products […]