Tequesta Residence

This Tequesta, Florida waterfront home is the transformation of the old world analog to new world possibilities. BPS inc. relies on a Lutron powered drive system with Garden Light LED fixtures to help fulfill its innovative business goals and won the Lighting project of the year 2018 CES Award.


The Tequesta project is a six-thousand square foot home located in South Florida. Big Picture Solutions, must tailor the project to the homeowners’ primary goals: to install excellent quality lights, to mirror the creation of an environment that is inviting; and to have a functional system that increases energy efficiency.


LED Dimming Driver, Hi-lume 1% EcoSystem / 3-Wire L3D, Architectural Dimming

The Lutron EcoSystem drivers with digital addressable technology, allows Tequesta to expand its offerings. Now, homeowners will have control to adjust lighting in each zone of the house. The lights will promote tailored ambiance enhancements for any occasion.

The system accepts inputs from a variety of sensors. In addition, a key feature is, syncing. Also, in conjunction with Lutron’s HomeWorks QS whole system, the lights are automatically controlled via astronomical time-clock events for everyday use to set it and forget it.

Garden Light LED Integrated lighting technology is a turnkey system. Naturally, the dimming feature is a key aspect of the Lutron System. Homeowners can adjust the light temperature; as well as, turn the lights on and of whenever desired. Seven lighting zones (per this project) can be managed simultaneously or individually. The Fifty four landscape will have a diverse choice to make the appropriate adjustments for any occasion.

The project has a total of one-hundred-ninety-four Garden Light LED fixtures, equipped with State-of-the-Art LED Diodes – diodes are how the “magic” happens. The Diodes have a broad range of dimming options ranging from 0-10. This range is amazing with respects to lighting. The homeowners can set a moonlit type tone; but, can easily adjust to complement a high-energy event.


The installed light control system provides peace of mind for the homeowners. The power output adjustments are paramount to the elimination of wasted energy. Lights being left on all night at full power, is no longer an issue. In addition, the system provides an interactive experience – want more light, perfect; want less light, done. The combinations of possibilities are endless.

The fixtures used on the property are made in the USA. The use of Solid-Brass or Stainless-Steel housings are manufactured by an in-house CNC machine. This process helps maintain a very high-level of quality control; therefore, the integrated systems have an unprecedented twenty-year warranty.