Marquez Estate

Steve Gogatz, CEO of Innovative Light Designs, in collaboration with Garden Light LED Architectural Lighting & Design Coach, Luis Couttolenc, revitalized the landscape lighting for the Marquez Estate. This sprawling property is in an exclusive neighborhood in California


This property needed to show off the estate’s beauty as well as provide safety to the multiple residents and visitors who venture around the grounds daily.

The remoteness of the location contributed to the biggest challenge. Without light pollution reaching the estate from the surrounding neighborhood, the property was completely enveloped in darkness. This made driving and even simply walking along the various paths hazardous.

The estate, sitting atop a hill, posed another difficulty. Specifically, to light the sloped driveway which varied in height, and to correctly light the multitude of different surface areas, would require some real talent and genius.

To support the success of this challenging project, Garden Light LED provided special expertise to assist Innovative Light Designs to execute the lighting design plan properly and efficiently.


With our vast variety of versatile fixtures, and utilizing the unprecedented guidance and mentorship, executing the lighting design became possible. The design consisted mainly of accent light fixtures (Mini Well Lights, S1 Halo, X-light, Mini Deck, Mini Spotlight, etc.) to combat the darkness and give focus to the property’s beautiful features.

The driveway challenge was addressed by using different wattages to keep the light consistent as the retainer wall become shorter. The multiple surface areas were easily tackled with our accent fixtures that seamlessly blended into their surroundings. The selected lights performed admirably, detailing features at night while not distracting during the day. The lighting design also enhanced architectural features by lighting up the curves and silhouettes of the paths, landscapes, and the buildings themselves.


The Marquez Estate was thrilled with the stunning lighting design that was accomplished. Both Steve and Luis were proud of what their design had achieved. It was so beautiful that Luis suggested Steve enter this Marquez Estate project into the AOLP national competition. Steve agreed and submitted the project. To everyone’s delight, he won two AOLP awards. The first win was for “Residential XL Lighting”. This qualified Steve to join another category of winners for a chance to win the prestigious, overall national “Award of Excellence”. And Steve won! Innovative Light Designs is now the 2022 overall winner in the whole country. Steve now promotes his award wins on his website and finds this to be a key tool in attracting customers. The Marquez Estate was so pleased with what had already been done to their grounds, they are looking to further develop the property with additional lights around their property fence and open field. Innovative Light Designs is ready!