low volt light system

9 Reasons Low Voltage Lights Are Beneficial

Most of the lower voltage lights are energy efficient and will be powered by electricity in the range of 12-volts. This kind of innovative lighting system can offer lots of benefits and are widely used not only around our home landscapes but can also be used outside an industrial and commercial buildings exterior as it can offer a high-quality brilliant luminance around the property, which is unique and cost-effective too.

Besides these low voltage lights being energy efficient and more environmentally friendly outdoors, you will find that LED landscape style lights will last much longer than any other type of conventional light bulbs such as incandescent or halogen equivalent lights.

As far as energy conservation benefits are concerned, 12-volt lights will always excel among many other lighting systems due to following 9 reasons:

  1. Energy efficiency

All low voltage lights usually are highly energy efficient, particularly if they are compared with any incandescent bulbs. These types of outdoor led lights can also emit a higher quality amount of light output that any incandescent halogen bulb can by using only 20 percent of the energy that was used by an incandescent bulb.

  1. Cost saving

In regard to the electricity bills and recurring operational costs to run exterior lights outside, you will get lots of additional savings benefits by using low voltage lights as these lights consume much less energy, last much longer and at the same time provide superior illumination both around the exterior landscapes and building architecture as compared to any other lighting option.

  1. Minimum heat contribution

These 12V led lights will not get over heated or burn up like other incandescent or halogen bulb fixtures and will remain pretty cool outside ever after long hours of running since they produce a minimum amount of heat to the surroundings as well.

This, along with an outdoor light fixture body that is built to allow an improved thermal reduction through its design, you will notice it will prove to be really very useful to install these type of led low voltage lighting products to improve the energy efficiency and reduce heat around sensitive plants which also allows the lights to last longer and keep your lighting color temperatures consistent and looking great.

  1. Longer life span

Most of the lower voltage lights, particularly IP68 and ETL rated LED lights, can last almost sixty times longer as compared to the older halogen or incandescent bulb lighting systems. Therefore, by using Garden Light LED lower voltage 12V lights you can also experience additional savings from replacing many bulbs too which enables your outdoor lighting system to become more sustainable and less of a burden.

  1. Much safer option

These lights that are run at lower voltage power consumptions are much safer to install and use, as compared to other varieties of 120V lighting options. These lights mostly use 12-volts of electricity, along with one power transformer will be attached to your standard 110-volts outlet that is prevalent on most properties in the USA.

Therefore, when you install these 12-volt led lighting systems outdoors, these lights will not impose any risk of getting electrocuted when exposed to snow or rain.

  1. Versatile

Lights using low voltage power connections will be relatively smaller as compared to all other types of 120-volt lights including incandescent bulbs. This implies that you will have the versatility of installing lighting systems to such spaces where any incandescent bulbs will not properly fit or be a good match for the exterior space.

Besides the size, small profile led lights are also very good in providing your outdoor living spaces with a soft illumination that is very pleasing to your eyes at night while requiring minimum maintenance and upkeep to continue looking good for many years ahead while staying out of view during the day or appearing bulky.

  1. Worry-free security

You may easily install these types of outdoor LED lights using a lower voltage system at a house or business without worrying about increasing your electricity bills. Any burglars will easily be discouraged to enter a well-lit home or business when exterior lights are in place as compared to any house which is barely illuminated or dark.

  1. Environment friendly

Due to an ever-increasing requirement for improving energy conservation efforts and the importance that this initiative will have on our future and well-being, it makes sense that by using these lower voltage lights and saving more energy that you can also take part in helping with the conservation goals needed to prevent using up our valuable energy resources or to continue rapidly depleting them.

  1. Easy to install

It is much easier to install outdoor low voltage lights when you don’t have to worry about serious risk or injury from high voltage electricity currents. As you buy these low voltage LED lights you will also find many resources for quick installation tips too, in order to easily guide you through the simple process of installing the lights, connecting the wires with a power transformer and then readjusting the light output angles to make sure your exterior lighting design is truly beneficial.

Since there is no risk of getting electrical shock outdoors with these 12V lights as compared to high voltage lighting systems, you can install any of these energy efficient and sustainable low voltage lighting fixtures around your homes, landscapes and businesses safely while sleeping easy at night with an improved security and ambiance.