Garden Light LED is home to the outdoor lighting industry’s award winning mechanical and electrical engineers with more than 40 years of experience as innovators in the field, creating the LED lighting frontier. Our engineers’ technical expertise and commitment to originality and ingenuity allows us to produce a superior quality LED product line that is more efficient and more powerful than any other fixtures on the market.

Mission. Values. Vision.

At Garden Light LED, we believe in:

Passion and Determination
We are dedicated to being leaders in the industry and to technical superiority.
Uncompromising Integrity
We pride ourselves on operating with integrity.
A Customer Focus
We are responsive, straightforward, and committed in all our dealings with customers.
Growth and Learning
We relentlessly pursue excellence and apply innovative thinking and creativity to our daily activities.
Results Through Teamwork
We effectively collaborate with others in our aim to discover more efficient ways to serve our customers.
Respect and Quality of Life For Our Employees
We support our employees’ commitment to family and personal life and encourage contributions to the well being of the communities in which they live.

Garden Light LED is a technologically advanced manufacturer that is forging the future of the LED landscape lighting industry. We are driven to deliver premium outdoor LED landscape lighting products using only the highest grade materials, while leveraging cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and innovative LED technology